Zhang Ping Shui Xian

Chinese Zhang Ping Shui Xian Tea

Zhangping Shuixian (漳平水仙, zhāng píng shuǐ xiān) is the only oolong tea pressed tea, the quality is exotic, with unique style, antique, very rich traditional flavor, scent long and quiet, with such as blue temperament of natural flowers, mellow taste fine, fresh and lively, prolonged possession, Resistance to brewing, dark red tea, fine narcissus flowers, throat good, sweet, more long drink many times and drink without hurt the stomach, in addition to refreshing brain, but also has protecting stomach and intestine, detoxification , dehumidification and other functions.

Zhangping Shuixian tea has a long history and a profound tea culture. From the Yuan Dynasty, tea was planted widely in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Zhangping Ocean Village tea Deng Guanjin in 1914 created the world's unique tea - Narcissus tea cake with the original technology, is unique and great one in in the dozens of varieties of Oolong tea in Zhangping .

Zhangping Shuixian tea is a traditional tea created by Zhangping tea farmers. Special products of Zhangping City, Fujian Province, China's geographical indications products. The Zhangping nine Peng Creek area is the main producing area of Zhangping Narcissus tea. Its superior natural environment conditions have formed the unique quality of the Zhangping Narcissus tea. Zhangping is located in the subtropical south margin, subtropical monsoon climate, warm and humid, plenty of rain, winter no cold, summer no heat. The annual average temperature of 16.9 DEG -20.7 DEG, precipitation 1450-2100 mm, frost free period of 251-317 days, the average sunshine hours of 1853 hours, is conducive to crop maturity and fast-growing trees, suitable for a variety of animal and plant breeding. It provides favorable natural conditions for the production of tea.