You can try boiling tea in cold winter

boiled tea

You can try boiling tea in cold winter

Boiling tea is another favorite of tea friends. When it is cold, everything is quiet. Three or five friends, a pot of old tea. The hot air is diffuse, the fragrance of tea is dispersed, and it feels good before it is drunk.

Soaking tea for a long time can not replace boiling tea

It is wrong to soak tea for a long time. In the process of brewing, the beneficial nutrient branch takes the lead to precipitate out. If soaked for a long time, substances harmful to human body, such as heavy metals or some agricultural residues will be soaked out immediately afterwards.

The simplest difference is that the boiling point of boiling tea is high, and the long-soaked water is usually only 80-100 degrees Celsius, which will be lower if soaked for a long time.

When the tea is boiled, the high boiling point substances in the tea will precipitate, and the taste of the tea soup will be more fragrant and mellow. According to British scientists, unlike boiling tea, boiling tea can release more anti-cancer substances, which is beneficial to the human body; moreover, tea polyphenols, caffeine and so on can also precipitate more, which can play a refreshing and lipid-lowering role.

Not all tea is suitable for boiling tea

Tea suitable for boiling is either heavily fermented tea or old tea. For example:

Dark Tea has undergone a long period of accumulation and fermentation in the process of processing, which belongs to post-fermentation tea. Dark Tea tastes glycol and has a rich fragrance. It is suitable for boiling.

Oolong tea belongs to semi-fermented tea, which has the characteristics of strong and fresh black tea and clear green tea. It can be boiled but not recommended for too long, otherwise it will be too thick tea juice.

Black tea belongs to full fermented tea. The tea soup is bright and red. It is suitable for brewing and boiling.

White tea and yellow tea belong to micro-fermented tea, so fresh white tea and yellow tea are not suitable for boiling, but old tea can be yo.

Especially green tea, which can’t be boiled, otherwise it’s a dark dish in the tea industry. When green tea is brewed, it is enough to analyze the nutrients. If you boil it, you will see dark tea leaves and purple tea soup.

Boiling tea

Tea Boiling Should Master Skills

There are two kinds of raw materials for Boiling tea: old tea that has been soaked and tea that has not been soaked.

For the old tea used for secondary use, it must be boiled in warm water. If it is boiled in cold water, the taste of the tea soup is not as good as that of warm water. For tea that has not been soaked, it is easier to precipitate with cold water.

The proportion of tea to be Boiling should be well controlled. Tea should not be too much. After all, it should be cooked at high temperature for a long time. The nutrient release is sufficient. And most importantly, the teapot must be large. Otherwise, it can’t be filled with too much water. It is easy to cook a large pot of tea. .

In fact, there is no difference between soaked tea and boiled tea. As long as the method is used correctly, we can drink healthy tea!

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