Chinese Xihu Longjing Tea

Xihu Longjing Introduction

Xihu Longjing (West Lake Long Jing, 西湖龙井,xī hú lóng jǐng), a green tea, one of China's top ten famous tea. Produced in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Xihu Longjing Village around the mountains. It has more than 1,200 years of history. Xihu Longjing, is named due to the Xihu in Hangzhou, China Longjing tea area. When Qing Emperor Qianlong visited West Lake in Hangzhou, he praised the Xihu Longjing Tea and sealed the 18 tea trees in front of Hu Gong Temple under Lion Peak as "Ochanhach Tea."

Xihu Longjing tea, has very flat appearance, green color, the endophytic flavor alcohol, if brewing in the cup, the bud leaves color is green. It is called "color green, fragrant, sweet, beautiful shape"

Xihu Longjing Grade

BoutiqueSuperGrade one Grade twoGrade three
AppearanceflatFlat, smooth and sharpFlat smooth, straight taperFlat smooth, straightFlat and straight, still smoothFlat, still smooth

Still straight

Color and lustregreen and freshFresh and tender greenGreen is still freshGreenStill green
Whole brokenUniform heavy, bud peak revealedUniformity heavyEvenly peakedEvenlyStill uniform
CleanessEvenly cleanuniformCleanStill cleanStill clean
EndosarcaromaTender fragranceLong lasting fragranceClear fresh, still lastingFragranceStill fragrance

The brewing method of Xihu Longjing Tea

  • West Lake Longjing brewing temperature: 85-95 ℃ boiling water (not available to open the water, before brewing, it is best to cool soup, that is placed in the kettle for a while and then brewing)
  •  West Lake Longjing brewing volume: 3g / cup (according to personal taste).
  •  West Lake Longjing brewing water choice: pure water or spring water (Nongfushangquan is very good, repeated boiling will reduce the oxygen content of the water, affecting the taste of tea).
  • Brewing equipment selection: ceramic and glass tea cup are ok.
  • Use boiling water to heat cup, pour out the water, and then put the tea, and then poured one fifth of boiling water, infiltration, shaken incense about 30 seconds, and then pour 70% of full water with high pot and pouring water method, after 35 seconds, you can drink.

Xihu Longjing Efficacy

West Lake Longjing tea known as "Queen of green tea," One of the reasons is mainly due to the effect and effect of West Lake Longjing tea. West Lake Longjing tea is made of unflavored tea and is cold, so a more significant point of Longjing tea efficacy is to clear heat, diuresis.

Longjing tea can refreshing spirit, solve thirst, lower blood levels of neutral fat and cholesterol. It has anti-oxidation, anti-sudden mutation, anti-tumor, lower blood cholesterol and low-density ester protein content, inhibit blood pressure, inhibit platelet aggregation, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy products efficacy.

West Lake Longjing tea is produced in West Lake District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, a "green, fragrant, sweet, beautiful" four excellent tea reputation. It contains amino acids, catechins, chlorophyll, vitamin C and other ingredients which are more than other tea, with nutrient-rich. West Lake Longjing tea has eleven major efficacy and role, function indications are as follows:

    1. Deodorant, help digestion Efficacy
    2. Weight loss and nourishing
    3. Anti-aging
    4. To eliminate fatigue
    5. Anti-caries
    6. Inhibit cancer cells
    7. Diuretic
    8. Strong heart antispasmodic
    9. Inhibition of atherosclerosis
    10. Governance night blindness, anti-dry eye disease, anti-tumor
    11. Antibacterial antibacterial

What are the benefits of drinking Longjing tea