Da Hong Pao

Chinese Wuyi Dahongpao Tea

Wuyi dahongpao Rock tea Introduction

Dahongpao (大红袍 dà hóng páo),produced in Fujian Wuyishan, is an oolong tea with excellent quality. It is Chinese special tea. Its shape and appearance is tight, color is fresh green and brown, brewed soup bright yellow orange, red and green leaves. The most prominent quality is the fragrance of orchid is fragrant and lasting with obvious "rock charm". In addition to refreshing, fatigue, diarrhea, antipyretic, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, antidote, detoxification disease prevention, digestion and tired to lose weight, bodybuilding and other health functions as the general tea, but also has anti-cancer, hypolipidemic, anti-aging, effect. Dahongpao is very resistant to brewing, there is still flavor after brewing seven or eight times. Drinking "Dahongpao" tea, you must taste slowly according to the "Kung Fu" small cans small slow drink program, in order to truly taste the top of the rock tea flavor. It paid attention to live, sweet, clear, fragrant.

Wuyi dahongpao Rock tea Efficacy

Dahongpao as China's special tea, the modern domestic and international scientific research confirmed that Dahongpao tea has refreshing, fatigue, diuretic, antipyretic heat stroke, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, antidote and disease prevention, digestion and tired to lose weight Bodybuilding and other health functions as the general tea, but also highlighted in the anti-cancer, lowering blood pressure, anti-aging and other special effects:

  • Eliminate the reactive oxygen species that harm the beauty and health:
  • Drink 1 liter of Dahongpao daily can improve skin allergies:
  • Drink Dahongpao can lose weight
  • Anti-tumor, prevention of aging and other effects

What are the benefits Dahongpao tea?

Dahongpao (rock tea) brewing method:
Equipment: For most oolong tea, it is basically suitable for brewing tureen and teapot.

  • Clearing equipment
    First of all, must brewing and cleaning device (lid or teapot) inside and outside rinse, and must be heated.
  • Seeing tea
    Observe the shape, color, including the aroma of dry tea.
  • Putting tea
    Set the tea, the action should be fast, as far as possible to maintain the temperature of the brewer.
  • Washing tea
    Dahongpao appearance is not so tight as Tieguanyin, so this tea washing process can be simpler. Pour Into the water, you can immediately pour out the tea.
  • Brewing
    In the rock tea brewing, high-impact is very important.When pouring at a high position, it is best to make tea can roll up in the tureen. You can pour tea after pouring water for fifteen seconds .
  • Sharing tea
    Pour the tea into the cup evenly.
  • Smelling tea
    Smell the tea aroma
  • Drinking tea
    The mood is flat, enjoy and taste, slowly inhaling tea, slowly taste, slowly swallow.

Wuyi dahongpao Rock tea Classification

Rock tea according to the degree of roasting can be divided into:Low fire Rock tea (低火岩茶),Middle fire Rock tea (中火岩茶),High fire Rock tea (高火岩茶).

Low fire Rock tea:Low fire (Light fragrance type) the tea taste is general, the aroma is heavy. The taste is fresh, is popular by many women who like Light fragrance, if you like to drink Tieguanyin tea, you are more likely to accept it..

Middle fire Rock tea: the tea has medium flavor and aroma, tastes more mellow, tea glycerol tastes more durable,it is suitable for people who like to drink Pu’er taste, the elderly would be easier to accept.

High fire Rock tea: the tea lightly aroma, the flavor taste is rich, the tea tastes more mellow with a traditional charcoal flavor, is suitful for those who like to drink strong coffee tastes,the people will like who live in the northern region and the cold weather areas. After producing and putting out a year, it is best time to drink the tea in second year.