Why do you drink tea more and more thirsty?

Why do you drink tea more and more thirsty?

In life, tea, whether before or now, is an indispensable drink in people’s life. Many people’s pursuit of tea has also improved a lot.
Thirst quenching is the most basic function of tea, but many people have this feeling when they drink tea: the first cup is very thirst quenching, but the more you drink and the more thirsty, so what is the reason that you drink more thirsty?
1, tea polyphenols
Tea contains polyphenols, which can form an impermeable film on the tongue at the entrance, making the tongue dry and astringent. When the film breaks, it turns into a common sweet back, which is also a sign of good tea. At the same time, this situation is generally more obvious in tea with higher polyphenol content, such as green tea, Shengpu, etc.
2, Tea diuresis
Tea has a diuretic effect, which is the biggest reason why tea drinkers feel thirsty. Research shows that compared with drinking water, the amount of urination during tea drinking is about 1.5 times more. Therefore, when you feel thirsty, if you want to use tea to quench thirst, you will only drink more thirsty. Because the oral cavity and digestive tract are stimulated by tea water to produce metabolism, and urination reaction occurs at the same time.

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A large amount of tea will lead to the loss of sodium in the body, which is the main reason for thirst. If we continue to drink tea at this time, tea will continue to play the role of diuresis. The water supplemented in tea is not enough to supplement the discharge of this water, and will only become thirsty.

So when you are thirsty, you should drink water first, and then add water to your body before drinking tea.

3, Drinking tea overheated

Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica mentions: “Tea is bitter and cold, and it can reduce fire most. Fire is a disease of all kinds. Fire falling is supernatant. Warm drinking decreases the fire due to cold, while hot drinking increases and disperses tea due to fire, and also relieves the poison of alcohol and food. Tea lovers all know that tea should not be hot drink, in addition to the mouth, esophagus, throat and other injuries, but also produce a sense of dryness and astringency.

Generally speaking, the best temperature for drinking tea should be between 60 C and 70 C.

4, High-temperature baked tea

Green tea and white tea are the coolest, oolong tea and yellow tea are relatively mild, black tea and dark tea are relatively warm. For some newly processed tea, such as green tea, which has just been desiccated, or tea that has just been baked, the “fire” often remains intact. Drinking will cause the rise of fire and thirst.

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In this case, it is recommended that the tea purchased be kept for a period of time, and then drinked after the fire has dissipated. But after a period of time, the vast majority of tea will not appear this situation.

5, Quality of Tea

Some ordinary tea will add some chemicals, such as pigment and essence, when they are processed. These additives will make people more drink and more thirst. Drinking this kind of tea for a long time will not only make you thirsty, but also make your body worse.

6, Constitution of tea drinkers

All kinds of tea have different suitable population. Drinking tea regardless of constitution may bring some discomfort. Sometimes when the body is on fire and then drinks tea, the thirsty situation will also occur.

It’s important to note that when you feel thirsty for anything you drink, or even dry when you drink water, you’re out of condition. Chinese medicine believes that xerostomia is a pathological manifestation, mostly caused by deficiency of liver and kidney yin and lack of body fluid. They may have diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome and so on. In addition, it may also be due to bad eating habits, resulting in liver and stomach fire, such as like to eat spicy and greasy food, it is easy to cause dry mouth.

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If this is the case, it is recommended that the diet should be light, eat more fruit, or go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

To sum up, the more thirsty you drink tea, It’s not only the reason for tea itself, but also the signal from your body.

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