What kind of tea is best for the winter solstice season?

winter solstice

What kind of tea is best for the winter solstice season?

The winter solstice is an important solar term in the 24th solar terms of the lunar calendar. The time is in the annual Gregorian calendar from December 21 to 23, and it is also a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. The winter solstice is the “Winter Festival”, so it is regarded as the big festival in winter. In ancient times, there was a saying that “the winter solstice is as big as the year”. In ancient times, people who drifted in the field had to go home for the winter season at this time. The so-called “end of the year.” In ancient times, there was a saying that “the winter solstice was a yang”, that is to say, from the day of the winter solstice, the yang slowly began to rise.

 The winter solstice is coming, drink a cup of warm tea, say “hello”, pass this friendship!

In winter, it is better to use sweet and warm black tea to facilitate the body’s yang.
Black tea is rich in protein and sugar, and it also helps digestion and degreasing. Black tea is a tea rich in flavonoids and potassium. In winter, people should drink more black tea to prevent stroke and heart disease.
Chinese medicine believes that tea is also divided into cold and hot, such as green tea is bitter cold, suitable for summer drink, used to cool off; black tea, Pu’er tea is warmer, more suitable for winter drinking. Therefore, on the winter solstice, drinking black tea is also a very good choice.

In addition to drinking black tea, you can also try black tea to drink!

1, milk black tea

3 grams of black tea, 100 grams of milk, 2 grams of salt.
Put the black tea into the pot and add water for 5 minutes.
The black tea leaves are filtered off and the milk is cooked in a pot. After boiling the milk, add the tea juice and add salt to mix.
Drink once a day, can effectively supplement blood and strengthen your body.

2, Huang Qi black tea

15 grams of astragalus, 3 grams of black tea.
Put the scutellaria in the pot and add some water to cook for about 15 minutes.
After putting in black tea, cook for about 5 minutes and drink.

Astragalus is sweet and flat, has the effect of tonifying qi, regulating the spleen and stomach, moistening the lungs and promoting fluid, and relieving the spleen and stomach, sweating, sweating, lack of inflation, sputum, ulceration and detoxification. Effective qi and stomach can improve the symptoms of physical weakness. It is beneficial to the central nervous system and cardiovascular, has antihypertensive effect, and can also diuretic, antiviral, anti-aging, anti-tumor and so on.

3, sugar cane black tea

sugar cane black tea

500 grams of sugar cane, 5 grams of black tea.
Modulation: Peel the sugar cane, chop it, and fry it with black tea.
It is an ideal health tea for the treatment of dry throat and thirst, throat itching and coughing, over-feeding fatty foods, etc.

4, glutinous rice black tea

glutinous rice black tea

50 grams of glutinous rice, 5 grams of black tea.
Wash the glutinous rice and put it in the pot.
Add the right amount of water to cook.
Add black tea to the cooked glutinous rice and drink. Replenishing qi and nourishing blood to improve symptoms of physical weakness.

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