What is the “Golden Flower” of Dark Brick Tea?

Golden flower black tea

What is the “Golden Flower” of Dark Brick Tea?

Tea lovers who love to drink Dark tea should always say Golden Flower (金花) Dark Tea, then we know what is Golden Flower?

1, know the “golden flower” true face

The magical production often comes from accidents, as does the “Golden Flower”.

Fuyang, Shaanxi Province, as the distribution center of the northwestern trade and trade, as early as the early Ming Dynasty, it was already a specialized base for the construction of tea bricks, and “Golden Flower” was born here.

It is said that at the time of the tea bricks pressed in the workshop next to the Fudu Wharf in Fuyang, tea workers accidentally dropped the tea bags into the water. The tea-workers who are struggling to survive are reluctant to discard them, and the sun-dried tea bricks are placed under the sun for drying. After opening the tea bricks, I found a piece of golden “mildew” in the tea. For the sake of safety, the tea maker cooked the tea in boiled water and drank it. He found the tea with “mold”, and the cooked tea soup was full-bodied and the soup was bright red. Therefore, the tea makers who have the heart will use the tea materials in Hunan as the base material to build the tea bricks with this golden “mildew”. After repeated trials and tastings, they found that their body’s ability to resist disease is strengthened, and the stomach is digested. The effect is remarkable. People participate in this shape, giving this golden “mildew” a beautiful name – Jinhua”, and Xiangyang tea has also become attached to this golden spot, opening a famous Western region, the legend of Europe the road.

After the story is over, let’s take notes: “Golden Flower” on the brick tea is a kind of fungus. The scientific name: Coronaria sclerotium, which is unique to Dark Tea, is common in the brick tea of ​​Hunan Anhua Dark Tea because It looks like a flower, so there is the alias of the golden flower. In the process of tea processing, under the specific temperature and humidity conditions, a granular bacterium formed by a specific process produces a yellow closed capsule like a fine spot, which looks like a golden flower under the microscope. The small flowers, combined with the color of Dark tea, are brighter and more stunning.

2, Jinhua brings the quality change of brick tea

Hunan Anhua Dark Tea Tea Brick has a very special process in the processing and production process – hair drying. In general, the hair is flourishing, the color is bright, the golden color is yellow, and the bacteria are not included. It is an important quality requirement for the brick tea.

Golden flower black tea

Improve the “taste”: Some studies have shown that after the “floating”, the amino acids, tea polyphenols, flavonoids, caffeine, soluble sugar and water extracts are reduced to varying degrees. The caffeine decreased by 10.85%, which beneficially reduced the bitterness and astringency of the brick tea; the flavonoids in the tea polyphenol decreased by 51.52%; the amino acid decreased by 36.84%, the amino acid decreased, and the reaction and conversion with the sugar occurred, which was the aroma of the brick tea. An important reason for change. The content of soluble sugar and water extracts was the smallest, only 5.9% and 2.34%, respectively. The formation of “golden flower” is the process of production, reproduction and oxidative polymerization of a large number of microorganisms. Due to the proliferation of microorganisms, the release of extracellular enzymes catalyzes the oxidation of polyphenols, and the oxidative polymerization of various parts of catechins can effectively reduce strontium. The coarse taste of brick tea has increased the taste of alcohol and has played a positive role in improving the taste quality of tea.

Improve “aroma”: The aroma of Dark Tea is more complicated and the current research is not enough. However, according to the existing research, there are 60 kinds of aroma components detected from Dark tea raw materials, and 66 kinds are detected after hair flowering. During the flowering period, the aldehydes and ketones are 3.2 times more than before, and the terpenes and aromatic rings are increased. The enzymes increased by 1.7 times, the fatty alcohols increased by 4.7 times, and other aromatic substances increased, and only phenols decreased by 4.7 times. Due to the large participation of microorganisms such as the genus Coronaria, the unique “bacteria” of Dark Tea is formed, and due to the action of these microorganisms and the high temperature and high humidity during processing, the oxidation, condensation, protein and polyphenols of tea polyphenols The decomposition of macromolecules such as cellulose, and a series of reactions such as polymerization and condensation between various components such as amino acids, sugars, and caffeine form a unique flavor of sapphire tea.

3, special “flowers” to special you – efficacy articles

Golden flower black tea

1. Antioxidant, change beauty, drink Dark Tea! After the tea polyphenols in the brick tea are absorbed by the sclerotium, a variety of biologically active ingredients are produced, which have the ability to eliminate free radicals.

2, resist harmful bacteria, health every day! During the growth process, the bacterium produces a metabolite that is not conducive to the presence of other microorganisms and resists the growth of harmful bacteria.

3, reduce high fat obesity, easy to thin! Regulate the maintenance of intestinal microflora balance. Although the components of the genus Coronaria have not been detected, the chitin and chitosan contained in the fungal wall are a special type of dietary fiber, which can promote the formation of Clostridium XIVa clusters in the intestine and reduce high fat. obesity.

4, the stagnation solution is greasy! Originally used as a side-selling tea, Golden Flower Dark Tea has the meaning of eating and drinking medicine for the ethnic minorities in the northwest, even to the point that “the day is not stagnation (blowing), and the disease is not consumed for three days”. This is because they live on nomadic pastures, eat more beef, mutton and cheese. Drinking “Golden Flower” tea has obvious stagflation and digestive effects.

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