What is Anxi Alpine Tieguanyin?

Alpine Tieguanyin

What is Anxi Alpine Tieguanyin?

Anxi Tieguanyin is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is well-known all over the world. Its orchid fragrance and Guanyin rhyme make countless tea friends linger and forget to return.

Anxi is mountainous, and there are 2461 mountains over 1000 meters. Since ancient times, there have been “good tea from mountain clouds and mists”. There are many mountains in Xiping, Xianghua and Hede, which are rich in high-quality Tieguanyin of Anxi. Many tea friends also like Tieguanyin of Anxi from high mountains. So, why is the quality of Tieguanyin of Alpine higher? So, how high is the mountain?

How high is the mountain?

Alpine Tieguanyin’s pursuit of elevation is not the higher the better. Generally speaking, more than 600 meters to 1200 meters is ideal. Especially 800 to 1000 meters is the most suitable altitude.

Further up, the temperature is too low, easy to appear frost, not conducive to the growth of tea.

There are many fogs in the mountains, the temperature is lower than the low mountains, the water vapor is abundant, the humidity of air and soil is high, the photosynthesis of tea buds and leaves is weak, and the content of tea polyphenols in tea buds and leaves decreases. So the new shoots of tea buds and leaves seem to be coated with a natural protective film, which not only contains abundant amino acids and various aromatic substances, but also appears more tender and not easy to grow old.

The rich vegetation, over time, has formed a thick layer of organic matter in its litter, which makes the soil humus content higher and the soil loose and fertile, thus providing a layer of natural nutrients for the growth of Tieguanyin tea tree.

It is also reasonable to create a cup of Tieguanyin with high fragrance, strong flavor and fragrant cheeks in such a superior growth environment.

Why the quality of Tieguanyin at low altitude is not high?

In contrast, the general low-altitude Tieguanyin tea plants do not have such a congenital advantage.

Because of low altitude and high temperature, tea buds and leaves grow faster, tender leaves tend to grow older, leaves are thinner, tea polyphenols content in buds and leaves is relatively high, while finished tea is thin, astringent, the texture of the bottom of leaves is more rigid, the aroma is lighter, and the taste is not as mellow as Alpine Tieguanyin.

Alpine TieguanyinThe characteristics of high quality Tieguanyin?

Firstly, it is fat, firm and heavy, take a handful in the palm of your hand, and have a solid feeling steadily, unlike Tieguanyin in the low mountains, whose body is lighter and feels lighter.

And after brewing, the tea stretches its muscles and bones, rich endoplasm, makes people feel particularly connotative, full of a rough breath from the mountains, with a kind of primitive natural tension, full of fresh vitality.

Next, sniff the fragrance deeply. The first scent is a delicate milk fragrance, and then a faint orchid fragrance, or even a trace of Osmanthus fragrance, delicate and delicate fragrance, there is a sense of comfort.

Taste, full taste, lustrous leaves, soft as silk and satin, is really the feeling of a big family. The first product is like a fairy flying out of the sky. It has a wonderful feeling. It turns like a fairy in the mountains. It comes quietly and disappears again. It is full of fairy spirit.

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