Top Ten News Events of China’s Tea Industry in 2018

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Top Ten News Events of China’s Tea Industry in 2018

The top ten news of the 2018 China Tea Industry jointly selected by many media. The tea event of the big event selected this year is led by scientific research and tea health, further indicating that tea plays an indispensable position in daily life. Tea is the symbol of China and the base of health. Knowing tea, understanding tea, knowing tea, and falling in love with tea are our daily practice classes.

1. The state attaches importance to the promotion of tea culture
2. The problem of excessive tea leaves is overcome by China.
3. Tea “take the certificate”, 2018 national “new standard” implementation
4. Chinese tea tree genome-wide password is cracked
5. New tea has become a new economic growth point in the industry
6. Tea tree varieties complete the registration of varieties for the first time
7. Starbucks announces that all tea shops will be closed in 2018
8. Tea polyphenols may promote the healing of diabetic wounds
9. Typhoon “Mangosteen” Baptist Village, tea city upgrade is imminent
10. The “International Tea Drinking Day” China proposal was approved by the FAO Commercial Committee.

National leaders attach importance to promoting tea culture

Chinese leaders have repeatedly had tea and communicate with foreign heads of state. Tea, tea sets, etc. become common national gifts.

Tea news

On the afternoon of February 1, 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan visited the British Prime Minister Teresa May and her husband Philippe Maye at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing.

Academician Chen Zongmao’s team conquered the worldwide problem of tea anthraquinone exceeding the standard

Tea news

At the beginning of the year, the research on Anthraquinone sources in tea, a major provincial science and technology project led by Chen Zongmao, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, passed the acceptance of the expert group. In recent years, in the face of increasingly stringent EU tea testing standards, many tea enterprises can not pass up to 460 technical barriers and come home. Especially the problem of tea anthraquinone, the completion of this research project has a very positive significance for breaking the technical barriers of EU, improving the level of tea planting, production and processing in China, and promoting the development of tea trade.

Implementation of the National “New Standard” for Tea in 2018

This year is the year of Chinese tea standardization. Since February 1, more than ten recommended national standards for tea have been implemented. They are: “Black Tea Part 1: Red Broken Tea”, “Black Tea Part 2: Gongfu Black Tea”, “Green Tea Part 1: Basic Requirements”, “Tea Sensory Review Terminology”, “Solid Instant Tea” Part 1: Sampling, White Tea, Jasmine Tea, High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Determination of Theanine in Tea, Oolong Tea Part 7: Bergamot, Matcha, Jasmine Tea Processing Technical Specification, Agricultural Products The retrospective requirements of tea, etc., have laid a solid standard foundation for the standardization and industrialization of Chinese tea.

The Whole Genome Code of Tea Planting in China was Cracked

Tea plant gene

In April, a number of research teams led by Professor Wan Xiaochun of Anhui Agricultural University cracked the genome-wide information of the world’s most widely distributed tea plants in China. The research results will further promote the species evolution of Camellia, the formation mechanism and quality control of tea flavor substances, molecular breeding, the protection and utilization of tea germplasm resources, and the study of healthy functional components of tea, which are also of great significance to the prosperity and dissemination of Chinese tea culture.

New tea beverage has become a new economic growth point in the industry

New tea beverage

On April 25, HEYTEA completed the B-round financing with a total amount of 400 million yuan. The investor is Longzhu Capital, an industrial fund under the “American Delegation Review”. Previously, its competing brands such as new tea drinks “Naixue Tea” and “Boiled Leaves” completed 100 million A + rounds and 10 million Pre-A rounds of investment respectively. Nowadays, the brand competition of new tea drinks is becoming more and more fierce. There is no doubt that new tea drinks have become a new economic growth point of the industry.

Tea tree variety first completed variety registration

On the 20th of May, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs announced on the 26th that a total of 592 varieties were registered, including 6 tea varieties. This marks the first successful registration of the tea tree variety. During this long period of ancient geological and climatic changes, tea trees form their unique morphological characteristics, growth and inheritance, and have different biological characteristics from other plants. The registration of tea varieties is conducive to understanding the characteristics of tea varieties, tea yield and morphology.

Starbucks announces the closure of all its tea stores in 2018

In July, Starbucks announced that it will close all its 379 Teavana stores by 2018, most of which will be closed next spring, and Chawana has not been able to become a “tea star Starbucks”. In the second half of 2016, Chawana announced that it would officially enter the Chinese market and could not open the situation on the tea sector. Facts have proved that tea, as a beverage with Chinese traditional culture, is unacceptable in the territory of international coffee giants, and tea has its own unique business logic.

Tea polyphenols may promote diabetic wound healing

On August 2nd, The FASEB Journal (IF: 5.595) published the research results of the research and development team of Professor Sheng Jun of Yunnan Agricultural University. The study showed that EGCG, the main component of tea polyphenols, inhibits diabetes wounds. Inflammatory target (Notch) can effectively promote skin wound healing in diabetic mice. The data is published for medical authorities, and the findings of the study confirm the medicinal value of tea. It is invaluable for the development of tea.

Typhoon “Hawthorn” Baptist Village, tea city upgrade is imminent

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On September 16th, affected by the strong typhoon “Mangosteen”, Guangzhou Pearl River water was poured back. The Fangcun tea wholesale market was flooded with tea overnight, and reports on the loss of the tea market were rumored. Fangcun tea market is the national tea distribution wholesale center. Huang Bo, president of Guangzhou Tea Culture Promotion Association, said that it should speed up the transformation and upgrading of the tea market. The innovative upgraded version of Chacheng Guocha is especially valuable in the industry.

The International Tea Drinking Day China Proposal was approved by the FAO Commercial Committee

On September 26th, local time in Rome, the 72nd Session of the Food and Drug Commission of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) was held at the headquarters in Rome, Italy. The meeting supported China’s proposal to establish an International Tea Drinking Day on May 21st each year. The proposal was approved by the FAO Commercial Committee and will have a positive and far-reaching impact on promoting world tea consumption and improving human health.

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