The story behind the Lu’an melon tablets

Lu’an Guapian

The story behind the Lu’an melon tablets

The output of Lu’an melon tablets ( Lu’an Guapian) is the largest in Lu’an City, accounting for more than 80% of the total output; the quality is best in Qishan, Huangshi, Lichong, Huang’an, Yu’an District, Hongshi, etc.; Qishan Business Card ( Also known as Qishan Yunwu Melon, Jinzhai Business Card) is the best of Liuan Guapian. The tea production area is located in the northern foot of the Dabie Mountains and belongs to the Huaihe River system. The altitude is generally 100-600 meters. Due to the water cutting effect, a variety of landscapes appear in the landform, including deep mountains, boxlands, low mountains and hills. There are many forests in the inner mountainous area, and there is less cultivated land. The slope of the tea garden is more than 25 degrees. The outer mountain area is connected with the hills. The peak garden slope is slow and the cultivated land area is more. The four seasons are distinct, the monsoon is obvious, and the overall temperature is moderate, but the temperature difference is large, the rainfall is moderate, but the distribution is uneven, the sunshine is sufficient, the frost is long, the ecological vegetation is good, and it is the green drink that is naturally cultivated in nature.


Manual weeding

Every year, the tea garden needs maintenance. In order to ensure that the tea is not polluted, we are all artificial weeding, not simply using herbicides!


Physical deworming

For pests, we also use physical methods, refuse to use pesticides, and ensure that tea leaves no harmful residues of pesticides!


Picking tea leaves

Get up every morning at dawn, arrived a little early for tea, have more time picking tea leaves, for rural farmers, tea is the largest amount of revenue a year! So must race against time!


Spread tea

The fresh leaves picked up need to be scattered, otherwise the fever will turn red, so the prepared bamboo baskets are specially designed to cool the fresh tea, which is clean and breathable!



Tea is processed in the evening, because fresh tea can’t be used for overnight, so it is harvested during the day and the tea season is basically all-night tea, but thinking about making good tea, hard work!


Tea making

How does the fragrance of tea mainly look at the process of pulling fire? We use the charcoal fired by chestnut trees to pull the fire to ensure the aroma of the tea. Generally, the fire is the most tested process. No more than ten years of experience can only be said. Still an apprentice outside the door!


Tea picking

It is estimated that about 10,000 pieces of fresh tea can make a pound of finished dry tea. After making dry tea, it must be manually picked and removed from the bad tea. The main thing is yellow and red dry tea needs to be picked out separately!

It is true that tea farmers are one of the most hard-working peasants in the world. They are the most lovable people in tea, which deserve our respect, the most worthy of our study, the most intimate and hard work, and the tea for life.

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