The imprint times of Chinese tea

Chinese Tea

The imprint times of Chinese tea

As a representative of Chinese culture, tea has always been favored by the general public. The tea culture is profound and profound, with a rustic tea fragrance, through the symbols of the times, to the people of different ages, endless aftertaste and memory.

50’s – tea is used to quench your thirst

An old tea leaf, then filled with a whole military kettle, the heat is going to the sky, the fathers often say that when they were young, they slanted the kettle that was not commensurate with the head, and went through the mountains and rivers. Construction.

50's chinese tea

70’s – enamel cups on the table

Just pick up some tea and drink it, you can’t forget to “serve the people”. The slogans and quotations in the tweeter are always in your ear. At that time, I could eat a few pieces of “salted bacon” that I am not waiting to see, and drink tea, which makes the gods envy of everyone.

70's tea

80’s – tea is a must have for hospitality

The tide of reform and opening up has already set off tremendous strength. Laid-off and business have come to the fore. At that time, a good cup of good tea was all supporting roles, and the coffee mood slowly entered the life circle. At that time, more happiness. It is the ability to see a hero Huo Yuanjia with a group of small partners in front of a black and white TV set, and screaming that “the Great Wall will never fall”, that is the greatest pleasure.
Of course, after eating a little greasy, and then grabbing the tea in the white porcelain cup of his father’s hand with his brothers and sisters, it is full of reunion.

80's tea

After 2000 – tea is not just for drinking

In the 00s, tea was not just for drinking, but it was also a gift with wine. Send friends, send loved ones, send business partners, send leaders, you don’t want to send some tea and wine during the festive season, you are embarrassed to see people.
During the festival, every household has endless fish, and the children have been rushing to eat from the beginning, and they have been forced to eat in the back. The tea has become an element of life adjustment, and the price has become priceless.

00's chinese tea

At the moment, tea is not just tea

More and more people are far away from home, unable to sit with their parents, and the pictures after two teas and teas are rare. The times are getting more and more progress, information exchange is getting more and more developed, and we are farther away from our parents.

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