The Benefits Of Black Tea To The Body

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The Benefits Of Black Tea To The Body

Black tea is rich in carotene, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, caffeine, isoleucine, leucine, glutamic acid, alanine, aspartic acid and other nutrients. In the process of fermented black tea, the chemical reaction of polyphenols makes the chemical composition of fresh leaves change greatly, and the ingredients of theaflavins and theanin are produced, and their aroma is obviously increased than the fresh leaves, forming the special color, aroma and taste of black tea.

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1, drinking more black tea has the greatest effect on the liver, because the liver is a part of the body used to decompose toxins. Now with the industrialization of the city, our liver has experienced an unprecedented test, because we breathe a large number of harmful substances and a lot of heavy metal material into the body, which are very bad for the human body. But black tea also contains tea polyphenols which absorb alkaloids to decompose heavy metals, so it’s good for your body to drink more black tea.

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2, black tea can keep us excited and make our reaction more rapid, it also can make us no longer yawn and energetic, so drinking black tea is still very good.
3, black tea contains a variety of elements, that is, lemon and potassium, which is to promote blood circulation to promote the cerebral vascular softening of blood vessels of our brain, the people who drink black tea, his heart and brain blood vessels will be relatively soft, his blood flow speed will be very fast so that drinking black tea can help to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
4, a lot of old and middle-aged friends will get osteoporosis in their later years, and they all get bone aging, but drinking black tea will effectively prevent the occurrence of this thing, because there is a substance that destroys the aging of bone in black tea. If you want a better effect, you can bring some lemon slices into the black tea, which will strengthen your bones, prevent aging and bone destruction.

black tea function
5, many people want to drink tea, especially to drink green tea, but green tea is a cold substance, if you have some diseases of diarrhea, you can not drink green tea, but black tea is not worried about this. Black tea is a thermo thermal substance, so even if you are diarrhea, there is no problem in drinking black tea, so once you have diarrhea and want to drink tea, you can drink black tea. Another function of black tea is to keep your stomach, which is very good for your stomach, because it is mild and gentle, not cold. 6. Vasodilator, a study in the American medical field related to black tea. The study found that patients with heart disease drank 4 cups of black tea a day, and the vasodilator increased from 6% to 10%. After being stimulated, the tension will increase by 13%.

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