What is Pu Erh tea good for?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Pu’er tea is not the longer the better, only the qualified products in the appropriate storage conditions, the quality of tea products will be “good” direction within a certain period of time. If a piece of tea fails to meet the quality standards at first, or is improperly stored later, the quality of the tea will not be good no matter how long it is put on it. Moreover, some unscrupulous traders in the Pu’er tea market make a lot of old things. The main means of fraud is to accelerate the aging of green tea wet aging speed to create the so-called “old tea.” Or the old tea packaging to show the old sense. Identify the authenticity of the aged Pu’er tea and identification of advantages and disadvantages have great difficulties for ordinary consumers.

Tea appearance

The appearance color of new Pu’er Tea is fresh, is mostly yellow green, with pekoe and strong flavor; after oxidation after a long time, the appearance of old tea is a red jujube tea, pekoe also turned brown.

Color of wrapping paper

Normally aged Pu’er tea, its packaging of white paper has become obsolete over time, the paper is slightly yellow, so you can determine the age of Pu’er tea from the hand-made patterns and paper colors. However, this can only be used as a reference and not based on absolute grounds. It may be that some unscrupulous traders would use this kind of psychology to pack sub-products in yellowish wrapping paper.

Pu’er tea appearance

Poor quality tea will be significant moldy surface, posing a lot of poor quality will Pu’er tea.The appearance of high-quality Pu’er tea is uniform and the color is bright.

Smell Pu’er tea

Poor Pu’er tea is emitted musty, irritating. High-quality Pu’er tea is issued by the smell of incense, people are very comfortable. In brewing, as long as the smell, immediately distinguish between good and bad.

Brewing Pu’er tea soup color

High-quality Pu’er tea color was bright red, very bright. Whether using transparent cups or ceramic cups are the same look. The poor Pu’er tea, the soup color will be black as paint.

High-quality Pu'er teaPoor Pu'er tea