What is china tea culture?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Tea is a daily for many Chinese, and embodies profound cultural connotations. It has delivered for-reaching influence on the social philosophy and national character of China through the tea planting, the tea production process, the art of tea appreciation, the sensory enjoyment of tea users, literary records and extolment of interpersonal feelings and the works of calligraphy and painting. In particular, the essential character of tea has had a subtle interaction with Chinese culture and philosophical thought, and represents a special life civilization of the Chinese. In the broad sense, the tea culture includes the cultivation of different kinds of tea tree, the planting of tea trees, tea processing and other natural sciences; tea merchandising, tea market science, tea history and other social sciences; not to mention the “cha dao” (the way of tea), tea art, tea literature; tea aesthetics and other areas.