What are the different flavor of Pu-erh tea

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Pu-erh tea has many delicate subtle aroma substances, main types of fragrance are: jujube incense, honey incense, camphor incense, lotus incense,aged tea incense.

Pu-erh tea

Jujube incense Pu-erh tea: This aroma smells like dry jujube, with some sweet sugar incense and some wood rhyme, generally have the characteristics of ripe tea. Jujube incense in Pu’er tea is a very classic style. This type of scent tends to appear in older raw pu-erh tea because the crude leaf has a higher overall carbohydrate content and produces more soluble sugar during the fermentation. When the sugar incense reaches a certain level, it can be mixed with other aroma such as woody and show a similar dry jujube aroma.

Honey incense Pu-erh tea: Honey incense is common in Pu’er tea (raw tea), many tea can show Honey during long-time storage,which is the durable aroma and the smell of long-lasting resistance, but also easy to describe and understand, so can be easily remembered. Pu’er tea with sweetmeat also has better quality, and sometimes drink a cup of pure tea with honey incense, you can stay the rhyme in the mouth all day long. With honey and flowers, constitute the most striking feature of Pu’er Tea (raw tea) in the aging stage.

Pu-erh tea

Camphor incense Pu-erh tea: camphor appeared in raw tea stored the longer storage time.This aroma smells like camphor wood,there is a sense of calm and natural, not the same as the camphor taste, and some mouldy and metamorphosed tea has a very pesticide – like pungent camphor taste.Aroma substances associated with camphor are camphene and fenchone, all two aroma components with camphor, mixed flower wood show pleasant camphor.

Lotus incense Pu-erh: tea cyanine of premium or tender sprout tea produced a similar dry lotus leaf aroma after light fermentation Ottawa heap, mild wet warehouse processing, withdrawal dry. In recent years, because of the process change, also lotus tea is rare.

Aged tea incense Pu-erh: aged tea incense is commonly found in Pu’er tea (ripe tea), the mature degree ofPu’er tea (raw tea) is very high through the long-term storage,. Aged tea incense Pu’er tea (cooked tea) is the core flavor, pure tea incense Pu’er tea (ripe tea) is on behalf of the scent, the other scent are based on the aged tea incense, no aged tea incense,there is not qualified Pu’erh tea (cooked tea).