What are the benefits of oolong tea ?

Last Updated On October 26, 2018

Oolong tea health care function

  1. eliminate the reactive oxygen species that harm the beauty and health.
  2. drink of 1 liters of Oolong tea daily can improve skin allergy.
  3. drinking oolong tea can be thin.
  4. antitumor and antiaging effect.

  • Oolong tea Improve hearing:
    Oolong tea has the efficacy of nourishing, detoxifying, convenient and anti chemical activity, eliminating the active oxygen molecules in the cells. Middle and old people often drink oolong tea to help keep their hearing.The protective effect on male hearing is greater than that of women. Although oolong tea has a health-care effect on hearing, it can’t drink too much. The amount of tea in one day is 1~2 cup.
  • Oolong tea Weight loss effect:
    Oolong tea has the effect of dissolving fat. Because the main component of tea, tannic acid, is closely related to the metabolism of fat. Oolong tea reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.Compared with black tea and green tea, oolong tea can not only stimulate the activity of pancreatic fat, but also reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and fats. It can also accelerate the increase of body heat production, promote fat burning and reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Oolong tea Medicinal value

Oolong tea as a special tea in China, in addition to refreshing , fatigue, diarrhea, antipyretic, antipyretic, bactericidal anti-inflammatory, dispelling cold hangover, detoxification disease prevention, digestion and greasy, slimming and bodybuilding and other health functions as the general benefits of tea, Outstanding performance is in anti-cancer, hypolipidemic, anti-aging and other special effects:

  • Oolong tea Anti-cancer:
    On June 15, 1998, Han Chi and her assistant Xu Yong, an Associate Research Fellow of toxicology and chemistry research laboratory, Institute of nutrition and food hygiene, Chinese Academy of preventive medicine, carried out the inhibition test of tea in animals. They were fed to rats Anxi Tieguanyin Tea and other five kinds of tea, while giving the carcinogen methyl nitrate fed synthetic rubber kakya purity more than 99.8%. After three months, the incidence of esophageal carcinoma in rats was 42-67%, and the average number of tumors in the mice was 2.2-3. The incidence of esophagus cancer in rats without drinking tea was 90%, and the average number of tumor in the cancer rats was 5.2. The five kinds of tea suppressor effect was the best in Anxi Tieguanyin. At the same time, they carried out another test, that is, using sodium nitrite and methyl carboxymethyl gum as precursors of cancer. It was found that none of the rats in the tea drinking group had esophageal cancer, and the incidence of non tea drinking group was 100%. The results showed that tea could completely block the endogenous formation of nitrite in vivo.
  • Oolong tea Hypolipidemic:
    Oolong tea has the effect of preventing and alleviating the atherosclerotic effect of lipid in the aorta. Drinking oolong tea can also reduce the viscosity of blood, prevent the aggregation of red blood cells, improve the state of blood hypercoagulability, increase the blood flow and improve the microcirculation. In vitro thrombus formation test also shows that oolong tea has the effect of inhibiting the formation of thrombus.
  • Oolong tea Anti-aging:
    Oolong tea has the same antiaging effect as vitamin E. Taking full vitamin C daily, oolong tea can make vitamin C content in blood relatively high, vitamin C excretion in urine decrease, vitamin C has anti-aging effect. Therefore, drinking oolong tea can enhance the anti – aging ability of human body in many ways.

Oolong Tea

Three bogey of Drinking Oolong tea

Oolong tea is not only beneficial to human health, but also add endless fun. But there are three bogeys:

First, fasting do not drink, or feel hungry, dizzy, people call it “tea drunk”;

Second, do not drink before going to bed, or difficult to sleep;

Third, cold tea does not drink, cold after the cold, on the stomach negative.

These three bogeys are especially important for people who have initially had oolong tea because Oolong contains more tea polyphenols and caffeine than other kinds of tea.