What is the effect of Dahongpao?

Last Updated On October 28, 2018

Dahongpao is the most famous tea tree in Wuyishan. It is known as the “King of Tea” and grows on a steep rock wall in Kowloon. On the cliff where the tea tree is located, there is a long and narrow rock raft, and the rock top is filled with spring water all the year round. The spring water is attached with organic matter such as moss, so the soil is moist and fertile compared to it. The rock walls are erect on both sides of the tea tree. The sunshine is short and the temperature changes little. In addition, the tea farmers are carefully managed. When the processing is carried out, the best tea masters must be transferred to the chair. The special equipment is also used. Tea has unique qualities and special effects.

Dahongpao has three beneficial ingredients: tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharides and theanine. It has good effects such as anti-cancer, blood fat reduction, memory enhancement and blood pressure lowering. First, tea polyphenols are particularly abundant. The most important EGCG has anti-cancer function. The tea polysaccharide content is 3.1 times that of black tea and 1.7 times that of green tea, which can enhance human immunity and lower blood lipids. As a tea-specific amino acid-tea ammonia The acid content of 1.1% can promote blood circulation in the brain, and has the effect of enhancing memory and lowering blood pressure.

  1. Eliminate the reactive oxygen species that harm the beauty and health.
  2. Drink 1 liter of Dahongpao daily can improve skin allergies.
  3. Drink Dahongpao can lose weight.
  4. anti-tumor, prevention of aging and other effects.


Dahongpao Cancer prevention

On June 15, 1998, “Health News” reported: Not long ago,  the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Institute of Nutrition and Food Hygiene and toxicology and chemical research associate researcher Han Chi and her assistant Xu Yong, tested tea in the animal body inhibition Cancer. They were fed five different kinds of tea Wuyi Mountain Dahongpao to rats, while giving artificial synthesis of artificial purity of more than 99.8% of the carcinogen methyl carbazole nitrosol. Three months later, the incidence of esophageal cancer in rats is 42-67%, the average number of tumor-bearing mice is 2.2-3. The incidence of esophageal cancer in rats without drinking tea was 90%, and the average number of tumor-bearing mice was 5.2. The effect of five kinds of tea on tumor suppression was the best in Dahongpao in Wuyi Mountain. At the same time, they also conducted another test, that is, with sodium nitrite and methyl carrageenan carcinogenic precursors, the results found that none of the rats in the tea group had esophageal cancer, the incidence of non-tea group was 100%. This result proves that tea can completely block the formation of endogenous nitrosourea in vivo.

Dahongpao Hypolipidemic

In 1983, the Fujian Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine observed a group of patients with high cholesterol in the blood, stopping the use of various lipid-lowering drugs, drinking Dahongpao twice daily in the morning and afternoon. After 24 consecutive weeks, the patient’s blood Cholesterol content decreased in varying degrees. Further animal experiments show that Dahongpao can prevent and reduce blood lipids in the role of aortic atherosclerosis. Dahongpao drinking can also reduce blood viscosity, prevent red blood cell aggregation, improve blood hypercoagulability, increase blood flow, improve microcirculation. This is for the prevention of vascular disease, intravascular thrombosis and Chinese blood stasis have a positive significance. In addition, in vitro thrombosis test, also shows Dahongpao inhibit thrombosis.

Dahongpao Anti-Aging

In 1983, the Fujian Provincial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine anti-aging test showed that they were fed Dahongpao and vitamin E in two groups of animals, liver lipid peroxidation were significantly reduced, indicating Dahongpao and vitamin E, like anti-aging effect. Human trials also show that daily oral administration of adequate vitamin C, drinking Dahongpao blood levels of vitamin C can be held at a high level, decreased urinary vitamin C emissions, and the anti-aging effect of vitamin C has long been proven . Therefore, drinking Wuyi Dahongpao can enhance the body’s anti-aging ability in many ways.