What are the categories of Tieguanyin?

Last Updated On October 27, 2018

Tieguanyin  classified by season

and the autumn and winter seasons are the most important tea seasons of Tieguanyin, accounting for 80% of the annual output. Do not ask the spring and autumn Tieguanyin which is good, as the saying goes, “Spring water autumn fragrance”, meaning that the spring Tieguanyin tea soup tastes better, while autumn tea is aroma, each has its own merits.

Spring tea: Gu Yu to Lixia (from mid-April to early May)
Summer tea: summer solstice to small heat (from mid-June to early July)
Summer tea: Liqiu to the summer (early August – late August)
Autumn tea: Autumn harvest to cold dew (late September – early October)

Tieguanyin Spring Tea
The spring climate is warm, the water and temperature are suitable, and the various ingredients in the fresh leaves are rich in content. Therefore, the tea soup is rich in internal quality and the taste is mellow and fresh.

Tieguanyin Summer Tea
In summer, the temperature is high, photosynthesis is strong, and the proportion of polyphenols in fresh leaves increases. Therefore, the taste is relatively light and gargle, the aroma is slightly rough and old, and the quality is second.

Tieguanyin autumn tea
Autumn tea has a long sunshine and is conducive to the growth of tea trees. The lower temperature is also conducive to the formation and accumulation of aromatic substances in fresh leaves. In addition, the autumn climate is high and the air humidity is low, which is convenient for making tea. Therefore, the autumn tea has a particularly high aroma.

Tieguanyin classification by fragrance type

The finished product of Tieguanyin can be divided into three types, such as Faint scent type, Luzhou flavor type and aged tea flavor type, according to the fermentation degree and production process.


Faint scent Tieguanyin (清香型铁观音): Slight fragrance, taste is lighter, tongue is slightly sweet, biased in favor of modern technology system, currently has the largest share of the market. Fragrance Tieguanyin color is green, clear soup, aroma fragrance, floral obvious, taste mellow. As the new tea is cold, can not drink too much, otherwise there will be a certain degree of injury stomach, insomnia.

Luzhou Tieguanyin (浓香型铁观音): Luzhou has strong flavor, mellow flavor, long, relatively heavy sweet, is  roasted and then processed into tea products with the traditional process. Luzhou Tieguanyin has the characteristics of “fragrant, rich, alcohol, sweet” and so on. The color is bright, the color of the soup is golden, the aroma is pure and the flavor is heavy. Relatively the fragrance, the Luzhou Tieguanyin is warm, has Spleen warm stomach and other effects.

Aged tea flavor type Tieguanyin (陈香型铁观音): Aged tea flavor is called old tea, the Luzhou flavor or Fragrance Tieguanyin is stored for a long time and is reprocessed again and again. It is also a semi fermented tea. Aged tea flavor type Tieguanyin has “thick, mellow, smooth, soft and other features, shows the color of black, rich soup, cotton tiangan alcohol, aloes coagulation rhyme. Its characteristics and tastes are close to Pu’er tea, black tea and dark tea, and have a heavy historical and cultural precipitation.

Charcoal Tieguanyin (炭焙铁观音) is a kind of Tieguanyin tea flavor, which is the last step of finished Oolong Tea processing is to change quality, Fragrance Tieguanyin is baked after using charcoal. It is determined by time, frequency and duration of personal taste and baking market .