How to identify the grade of Xihu Longjing tea

Last Updated On October 29, 2018

Longjing tea identifies the quality of tea: one is to look at the shape, the other is to look at the soup color, and the third is the bottom of the leaf.

longjing tea

Boutique Super Grade one  Grade two Grade three
Appearance flat Flat, smooth and sharp Flat smooth, straight taper Flat smooth, straight Flat and straight, still smooth Flat, still smooth

Still straight

Color and lustre green and fresh Fresh and tender green Green is still fresh Green Still green
Whole broken Uniform heavy, bud peak revealed Uniformity heavy Evenly peaked Evenly Still uniform
Cleaness Evenly clean uniform Clean Still clean Still clean
Endosarc aroma Tender fragrance Long lasting fragrance Clear fresh, still lasting Fragrance Still fragrance
taste Fresh alcohol and glycol Fresh alcohol and glycol Fresh alcohol and refreshing Still fresh Still alcohol
colour of tea Bright green,


Bright green,


Bright green Green and bright Still green and bright
The bottom leaves Young into flowers, uniform, bright green Buds tender into flowers, uniform, bright green Delicate into flowers, bright green Still delicate into flowers, green and bright Still into flowers, a tender single, light green yet bright
Other requirements No mildew, no deterioration, no pollution, no smell.
Products are clean, not coloring, may not be mixed with non-tea substances.