How was tea discovered?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

It is said that Shennong, one of the “There Emperors and Five Sovereigns” of ancient China, discovered that tea ted a purifying, curative effect thousands of years ago. Shennong’s Herb-Root Classic, “Shennong tasted hundreds of herbs, encountered 72 kids of poisons, and cured himself with.” Of course, this is only a myth. However, it does most probably the origin of tea and the history of tea for medical and dietary purposes, and the facts also bear out the biochemical functions of tea. The earliest reliable literary record about tea first appeared in the Western Han Dynasty, more than 2000 years ago.

Tea originated in China, China has thousands of years of tea tradition and related records. According to the found a lot of physical evidence and historical data show that in other parts of the world drinking tea habits are spread from China in the past.