How to identify the quality of Longjing?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

There are four major signs in the identification of  Longjing tea:


First, Touch: determine the degree of dry tea. Feel free to choose a piece of dry tea, put it between the thumb and forefinger by force twisting into powder, then the degree of dryness is enough; if it is small pieces, the dryness is not enough, or the tea has absorbed moisture. Insufficient dry tea, is more difficult to store, at the same time the aroma is not high.

Second, look: to see whether the dry tea meets the basic characteristics of Longjing tea, including appearance, color, evenness and so on.

Third, smell: smell the level of dry tea aroma and flavor, and identify whether there is smoke, coke, sour, chime, mildew and other bad smells and a variety of mixed bad smell.

Fourth, taste: When the water content, shape, color, aroma of dry tea are in line with the requirements, then review the soup. Take 3 to 4 grams of Longjing tea placed in a cup bowl, pouring into the boiling water 150 to 200 ml, then firstly smell aroma after 5 minutes, look soup color, taste, evaluate the leaf bottom. This step is more important.