How to identify the quality of Huangshan Maofeng ?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Identify the true and false Huangshan Maofeng quality, from the appearance, smell the aroma, to see the soup color, taste taste, evaluation bottom of the leaf 5 steps to complete.

Huangshan Maofeng

First, the shape: Huangshan Maofeng tea has thin fine lines, slightly greenish yellowish, the color is oil-luster; spire sticks in the leaves, shaped like a sparrow. Bud peak of dry tea buds should be revealed, those have more buds is top grade, bud peak is hiding, less buds, the quality is poor. Super Huangshan Maofeng Brewing leaves buds will be vertically suspended in the water, then slowly sink, shoot quite tender.

Second, the aroma: good quality Huangshan Maofeng, grab a handful of dry tea near the nose, smells fresh feeling, or similar to the orchid, chestnut flavor.

Third, the soup color: brewing tea 3 to 5 minutes, pour out tea in another bowl. If the superior Huangshan Maofeng, soup color is clear and bright, was light green or yellow-green, and clear and not turbid, aroma is fragrant long.

Fourth, the taste: when drinking Huangshan Maofeng, generally feel rich and not bitter, sweet aftertaste.

Fifth, the bottom of the leaves: Huangshan Maofeng dry tea leaves is yellow and strong, full, uniform into flowers, the whole body is bright after brewing.