How to distinguish Keemun tea good or bad

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

The main features of Keemun black tea are: the shape is cord and tight, the luster is Ukraine; tea aroma lasting fragrance, like fruit like orchid fragrance, aroma has special been called “Qimen fragrant” in the international tea market ; the color is bright red transparent, the bottom of tea leaves is bright red with mellow taste, pleasant aftertaste.

keemun tea

Identify Keemun black tea mainly from the following aspects to assess:

  1. Shape: the cords are tight, even the quality is good, on the contrary, the rope is rough, the degree of uniformity is bad, quality is not good.
  2. Leaf bottom: the leaf bottom is bright, it is good quality, the leaf bottom is cyanine with dark leaves and more dark strips is inferior.
  3. Color: Color is black, shiny, the quality is good, on the contrary, the color is inconsistent, dead ash dark tea, the quality is bad.
  4.  Soup color: red soup, soup in the cup of tea on edge formed Golden Circle is excellent, the soup color is less bright, deep color and turbidity for bad soup.
  5. Taste: the rich flavor is excellent, the taste bitterness is bad, the taste is rough, it is bad.
  6. Aroma: aroma is rich, it is of good quality, aroma is impure, with the smell of grass, the quality is bad, the aroma is low boredom, the quality is bad.