How to distinguish Biluochun tea good or bad

Last Updated On September 06, 2018


See the appearance and color: Bilochun tea without pigment color is more soft natural pigment, and Bilochun tea with pigment looks bright and green colors, with obvious coloring.

See the tea color: brewed Biluochun with boiling water, add no color soup, it looks more clear and soft, bright yellow, tea soup which added pigment looks bright color, obviously green.

Biluochun Shape characteristics

The cable is thin, curly, spiral, hairs all over the body, silver green , no wind reveals, tea bud tender, complete, without petioles, no “pants petiole feet”, and old yellow leaves.

Biluochun Intrinsic characteristics

There is a special strong aroma, that is, with floral fragrance. After brewing it openly, the taste of fresh alcohol, sweet and memorable aftertaste, green color and tidy soup, young bud early open, bud big leaf is small. Authenticity in the identification, available genuine control, the tea which do not have the above characteristics can be considered counterfeit goods.