How to brew good Tieguanyin?

Last Updated On October 26, 2018

Want to brew a pot of Guanyin that has a pot of color and fragrance, in addition to tea, water, tea set, but also know how to grasp the temperature and brewing time. Many people try to drink before buying tea, but they will find that the tea in the tea shop is more fragrant and more pure. Why? It is obviously the same tea. How do you get it when you get home?

In fact, tea is just right, but not the same water and brewing skills. Specifically, the temperature and time of water used in brewing tea are closely related. The water temperature affects the distribution of Tieguanyin tea, and the brewing time determines the shade of Tieguanyin tea soup, the color is dark, the taste is refreshing and the nutrients are preserved. It can be seen that brewing a good Tieguanyin requires some skill.

brewing Tieguanyin

Water temperature and brewing time

Let’s talk about the water temperature first. Although the water temperature is easy to disperse the tea, the ancients have always used 100 degrees of water to brew the Tieguanyin. However, modern people pay more attention to the fragrance of tea when they drink Tieguanyin, so the iron of cash Guanyin fermentation is relatively low, quality and green tea are closer, and the more high-grade Tieguanyin is the more.
Therefore, when brewing Tieguanyin, it is more appropriate to control the water temperature at about 95 degrees, so that the tea flavor brewed will be more subtle, and the acidity of Tieguanyin will be reduced, and the aftertaste will be better. However, when brewing fresh and fragrant Tieguanyin, you will also choose a water temperature of 100 degrees, which can better show the inner phonology of Tieguanyin.

After talking about the water temperature, let’s look at the brewing time. In general, the time when Tieguanyin is not soaked is the shower method, and the water on the pot after the water rinse is used. However, this method of judgment is not strict enough, because the style of the pot, the thickness of the body, and the material will affect the drying time. If the medium-cooked fragrant and floral-type Tieguanyin is brewed, the time should not be too long, and 15 seconds to 1 minute is the best, and the tea can be soaked when fresh or fragrant. The time is extended to 1.5 to 2 seconds, after which each bubble can be extended by about 5 to 10 seconds.

brewing Tieguanyin

It can be seen that the brewing of Tieguanyin is very particular. For tea lovers who love Tieguanyin, it is a pleasure to brew a pot of good tea. I hope that the introduction of this article will help everyone to master the water temperature and time when brewing Tieguanyin