How to brewing Keemun black tea?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Keemun black tea simple brewing method

The water is burned to 90-95 ℃, use the most appropriate tea cup porcelain, loaded with about 5% of the pot capacity of tea, washed into the hot water has been boiled, brewing aroma long sharp, pouring into the small cup after 45 seconds, first smell incense, and then taste, the mouth is full of scent, sweet aftertaste.

Keemun black tea kung Fu brewing method

Keemun black tea uses the most delicious taste of its timeless aroma, brewing Kung Fu black tea generally use purple sand tea, white porcelain tea and red safflower porcelain tea sets. The ratio of tea and water is at about 1:50, the temperature of tea brewing is at 90-95 ℃. Brewing black tea generally use pot bubble method, first of all the proportion of tea into the teapot, add water, brewing time is 2-3 minutes, then press the method of pouring tea into the tea cup and make the tea concentration uniform. Drink slowly,  a good Kung Fu tea can be is generally brewed 2-3 times.

keemun tea

Specific steps:

  1. Equipment: pots, fair cup, tea cup, smell incense cup on the tea tray, tea ceremony, tea sample pot is on the left side of the tray, kettle is on the right side of the tray.
  2. See tea: open the tea sample cans, so that visitors can enjoy the color and shape of tea.
  3. Hot cup and pot: Pouring the boiling water into the kettle, and pour the water into a fair cup, and then into the cup of tea.
  4.  Put tea: put the tea into the pot according to the proportion of 1:50.
  5. Wash the tea: add water to the right hand pot, take cover to scrape the foam, cover the tea into the smell of incense cup.
  6.  First brewing of Keemun black tea: add boiling water to the pot, soak for one minute, took the opportunity to wash the cup, the water drained, pour the cup of tea into the fair cup, and then poured into the cup from the fair cup, only pour seven full.
  7. Smell the incense: rotate 90 degrees of the smell of incense cup , put the cup mouth against themselves, placed under the nose, fine smell fragrance.
  8. Drink Tea: three mouth is drinking, to do three drinks, carefully tasting, to find the sweetness of tea.
  9. The second brewing, the third brewing: the same operation.