How to brewing Baihao Yinzhen tea?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Baihao Yinzhen

Tea set for brewing Baihao Yinzhen is usually colorless and transparent straight-shaped transparent glass cup. Drinker can enjoy the cup of tea from all angles and the changing color. The water temperature of Baihao Yinzhen is 95 degrees at brewing time, The specific brewing process is as follows:

Preparation: using a glass with a support.

Appreciating tea: Take a little teaspoon Baihao Yinzhen, placed in tea tray for guests to enjoy the shape and color of dry tea.

Setting tea: take 2 grams of white tea, placed in a glass.

Infiltration: pour a little boiling water, let cup tea infiltration for 10 seconds or so.

Making tea: pour the boiling water 100 – 120 ml into the tea cup in accordance with the same direction.

Serving tea: politely serve the guests with both hands and cups.

Drinking tea: tea buds float on the water surface at the beginning of brewing Baihao Yinzhen. After 5-6 minutes, only part of the tea buds sinking down the bottom of the cup, at this time, tea buds stand upright, staggered up and down, like mushrooms. About 10 minutes later, the color of tea was orange-yellow, then you can pick up the tea cup, smell and taste it.

In addition, you can also make tea like this:

A、 Covered-bowl method

take about 3 grams of tea,with about 130CC of tureen, the first pouring water about 2-3 seconds, the second times is also the same, the third time can be appropriately extended after pouring water.

First smelling, then tasting, you can feel full of aroma and is memorable. We can usually make tea with tureen 12 to 15 times. It feels sweet and fragrant.

B、Making tea with cup

Take 200ml large cup and 5g white tea, use 90 degree boiled water to warm the tea first. First smelling incense and then boiled water directly, you can drink in a minute. Because the processing of white tea is without rolling, tea juice is not easy to leach, brewing time is generally relatively long.

Tea flavor varies with water temperature and tea quantity, if you want a strong tea, the time will be longer, especially brewing aged white tea. Soaking the white tea with this method, tea fragrance is dissolved in water. We can taste smooth and sweet tea soup, watch the rise and fall of white tea. We can watch and taste while drinking, realize the interesting mood from brewing white tea.