Xihu Longjing Tea Brewing Guide

Last Updated On October 29, 2018

The brewing method of Xihu (West Lake) Longjing Tea

West Lake Longjing Tea is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is produced in Longjing Village of West Lake in Hangzhou. It is flat, smooth, straight, tender green and lustrous. It has a delicate fragrance, a delicate taste and a delicate bottom. In brewing, we should pay attention to the control of water temperature and the mastery of brewing skills.

longjing teaSpare: Glass tea is better
Water: pure water (best spring)
Prepare tea: West Lake Longjing
Water temperature: 75~85°C

1: Generally, the proportion of tea in the West Lake Longjing is 1:50. Generally speaking, 1 gram of tea needs 50 ml of water to brew.
2: The water temperature of the West Lake Longjing needs to be controlled. If the water temperature is too hot, the tea will be burnt and the taste will be bitter. If the water temperature is too cold, the tea can not be fully soaked and affect the taste. The recommended water temperature is 75~85 °C.
3: West Lake Longjing belongs to green tea, and tea set is recommended to use green tea cup or glass.

The first step is “Warm Cup Sanitary Ware”

After boiling the tea set with boiling water, the process has two functions: the first is to clean the tea set, and the second is to raise the temperature of the tea set so that the aroma of the tea is better stimulated.

The second step is to “cast tea”

Put the prepared West Lake Longjing into the glass.

The third step is “Shake”

The temperature left by the tea set during the first step of the cup will trigger a portion of the aroma of the tea. Pick up the glass and shake it gently to feel the unique aroma of West Lake Longjing.

The fourth step is “running tea”

Inject about 75-85 degrees of hot water into the cup about 1/4, then shake it clockwise to allow the tea to absorb moisture initially, slowly unfold, and then pour off the tea.

The fifth step is “bubbing”

When brewing, the swirling water injection method can be used to enjoy the tea swirling up and down in the cup. The ratio of brewing West Lake Longjing tea is 1:50. Wait a little, the tea will slowly sink after it absorbs water, and the color of the tea will gradually change. When the tea is bright green, it is already drinkable.