How To Brew Dark Tea?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

No like Green tea, dark tea is not limited to different tea with different soaking method, there are five kinds of dark tea drink methods, which can be used to brew according to your favorite.

dark tea

First, the traditional method of drinking: Take 10 to 15 grams of tea, fill with 500 ml of water into a pot or other container, cook until a boil, put the tea into them until the water re-boiling in the pot, use slow fire to cook for one to two minutes, after the cease-fire, filter out tea residue, you can drink.

Second, Kung Fu tea drink method: use Kung Fu tea sets, drinking it in accordance with kung fu tea drinking method.

dark tea

Three, tureen brewing method ( the most common in southern): use red porcelain or ceramic cup to cover the bowl, take the tea 5-8 grams, to flush with boiling water, iron the cup and drained water, and then pour into the boiling water, cover a minute or so, you can drink until the tea water became red.

Four, herbal tea drinking method: distribute the tea with the ratio of 1 to 60, brewing the tea with traditional method, filter out the tea, put to drink, cool in the refrigerator, the flavor will be better.

Five, milk tea brewing method: after boiling tea soup with the traditional way, the ratio of tea to milk is 1 to 1, added milk and salt, that is, milk tea with Western characteristics.