How is China tea classified?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Chinese tea be classified in terms of the tea production process. By fermentation, tea is divided into non-fermented types, semi-fermented types, full-fermented types. The modern popular classification is expressed om terms of the processing feature and the color of the tea, for example green tea, oolong tea,black tea, white tea, yellow tea, dark tea and post-processed tea. The understanding and distinction of different kinds of tea help us appreciate them and optimize the brewing method.

Chinese Green tea, also known as non-fermented tea. Because it has not been through the fermentation process, with the characteristics of soup green leaves, is China’s largest production of a class of tea, the main representatives of such tea Longjing, Biluochun, Yuhua tea.

Chinese black tea, that is, fermented tea. This type of tea is generally picking new leaves, after withering, kneading, fermentation, drying and other technology production, this kind of tea has a mild nature, many aspects of the effectiveness of the Chinese tea industry is also among the best.

Oolong tea, because of its combination of black tea and green tea method, with semi-fermented way, it is equal to the combination of red and green was green, and green tea also has a rich green and green fragrance characteristics, is a very good one Bodybuilding tea.

Yellow tea is a light fermented tea, processing technology is similar to green tea, but in the drying process before or after, add a “boring yellow” process, to promote its polyphenol chlorophyll and other substances part of the oxidation. Yellow tea is our specialty

White tea is the Song Dynasty three-color fresh buds, silver silk buds evolved, and its greatest feature is “silver leaf white soup.” White tea in accordance with the different varieties of tea and fresh leaves can be divided into bud tea and leaf tea, bud tea, there are white silver needle, leaf tea mainly white peony, Shoumei, Gong Mei, etc.

Black tea is often pressed into brick tea, which is named black tea is mainly because the tea in the fermentation process through the Ottawa heap and become black, the main representative of such tea Pu’er tea, its biggest feature is the more Chen Yue Xiang, so many Black tea is used for collection.