How has the word“tea”appeared in the world?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

The Chinese were the first to discover and use tea, so the pronunciations of “tea” across the entire word generally originated from the word for ‘tea’ in China. China has many ethnic groups, and the word ‘tea’ is typically pronounced in there ways: First, “cha” in North China; second, “tey” in the southeast coastal regions of China; and third, “la” in the southwest part of China, which is home to many ethnic minorities. In the earlier period, power in China was focused in the northern part and influenced such countries as Japan, the Arabic countries, Turkey, Russia, Iran and Portugal, which pronounced ‘tea’ as “cha”; after the 16th and 17th century, tea was usually exported from the ports in Fujian, and influenced Britain, France, Holland, Germany, Spain, Italy and other countries, which pronounce “tey” or “ti”; and the ethnic minorities in the southwestern part of China such as Dai, Miao and Yi as well as Laos, Burma and Cambodia pronounce ‘tea’ as “la”.