Difference Lapsang Souchong and Jinjunmei

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Jin Junmei is a branch of ZhengShanxiaozhong, but there are still many differences between Jin Junmei and ZhengShanxiaozhong.

Choice of materials: pick 1 buds 3 leaves from Zhengsanxiaozhong, Jin Jun Mei is completely selected buds, about 5 pounds of tea buds (ie about 50000 tea buds) can be made of about 1 kg of finished products.

Craft: Jin Jun Mei basically followed the traditional method of making ZhengShanxiaozhong. In the wilting, the fresh leaves of raw materials turn from bright green to dark green, it is considered appropriate to adjust. The fermentation process should be just right, if the lack of fermentation, it is easy to produce a sense of bitter, fermentation time is too long, then the ordinary Masamori Kobayashi tea is no different, will not produce unique quality of JinJunMei.

Jin Junmei has a small part of the smoke process only when wilting, while the traditional Masanori races are in the process of wilt adjustment and baking pine firewood smoked.

Taste: Jinjun Mei is more sweet than Zengshan raccoon, is very refreshing, Jin Junmei can be brewed for many times, the taste is still full and sweet if continuous brewing 12 times, but the production cost is too high, , the average tea friend is hard to drink. Annual production is not high, is about 1,000 kilograms.

The most prominent feature of Jin Junmei black tea is the slender shape, such as eyebrows, miscellaneous golden tip; elegant and varied aroma, both traditional fruit, there are significant floral, as well as honey, flowers and other flavor. Soup lighter, golden translucent; taste is particularly sweet and fresh, long aftertaste. Because the production process is troublesome, the raw material is relatively special and better, be the top in the top.

The finished tea of Zhengshanxiaozhong black tea is tight knot, color is iron green with brown, more oil, natural floral, fragrant is not strong, fine and subtle, mellow thick sweet, throat rhyme, yellow soup and clear yellow, the bottom of leaves is not clean, it can improve the taste with other tea.