How to brew Dahongpao?

Last Updated On October 28, 2018

We are very familiar with Dahongpao, but many people are still relatively unfamiliar with how to brew Dahongpao. Today, let’s talk about how to make a pot of Dahongpao.

As the saying goes, “three-point tea seven-point bubble”, Dahongpai is the most bogey of brewing with green tea and flower tea. The best way is to use the “working tea” brewing method. The first is to prepare a set of tea sets, you can use white porcelain to cover the bowl, you can also use the teapot, beginners recommend using the bowl first. Then adjust the amount of tea, water, temperature and soaking time according to your habits and preferences.


Dahongpao brewing is mainly the following steps:

1-3. Warm cup: Warm the tea set with boiling water to make the tea set evenly heated.

Dahongpao brewing

4-7. Washing tea: Take a proper amount of tea with a teaspoon and put it into a teapot. Wash the tea and pay attention to a word of “fast”. Just awaken the fragrance of the tea, and do not need to make tea.

Dahongpao brewing
8-11. Making tea: Discard the water to wash the tea, pour in boiling water, cover the lid of the pot for 4 to 5 minutes, and use boiling water to pour the body from the pot. It is better to use 3 times. The fragrance is fully emitted

.Dahongpao brewing

12-15. Out of the soup: Pour the brewed tea soup into the fair cup, low down, fast, to prevent the tea from flowing. The tea in the fair cup is divided into small cups, which can be tea-flavored and tea-shaped.

Dahongpao brewing

Dahongpao’s brewing essentials can be summarized into three points: good water, boiling water, and quick water.

Good water is the choice of water suitable for brewing. The best is the spring water in the south. However, in general, the city does not have this condition. You can choose barreled mineral water or pure water to make the taste sweet and sweet.