Can children drink tea?

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Children will always have a curious heart, see adults drink tea, he would also like to drink. Many parents worry that children can be so small can not drink tea, worried about the growth and development of the child will bring risks, then a few years old children can not drink tea?

drink tea

Children should not drink tea. Tea contains theophylline and other substances, which easily excite the human central nervous system. In addition, children are always growing, and their nervous systems have a weaker ability to resist the effect of stimulants, and the can’t effectively regulate their bodies as adults can. Therefore, after drinking tea, children will have faster heartbeats, which may impact growth trends. If children drink tea in the evening, they will also suffer from insomnia, urinary frequency and other problems, which will influence their sleep and further influence their growth. Tea contains tannic acid and theophylline, which,when they enter the human body, will inhibit children’s absorption of some trace elements, such as calcium, zinc, iron and manganese. As a result, children will possibly experience a shortage of some trace elements, and even suffer from malnutrition.

Of course, occasionally give children a small amount of light tea to drink, the body will not have much damage,But the tea for some obese children, is a good weight loss agent,And tea can kill part of the bacteria in the mouth,Prevent the formation of dental caries.You can advocate tea water rinse after dinner,Prevention of caries in children.