Xihu Longjing Tea Foundation Introduction

Last Updated On October 29, 2018

Xihu (West Lake) Longjing, a green tea, one of China’s top ten famous tea. Produced in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Xihu Longjing Village around the mountains. It has more than 1,200 years of history. West Lake Longjing, is named due to the West Lake in Hangzhou, China Longjing tea area. When Qing Emperor Qianlong visited West Lake in Hangzhou, he praised the West Lake Longjing Tea and sealed the 18 tea trees in front of Hu Gong Temple under Lion Peak as “Ochanhach Tea.”

Longjing is not just tea.

Longjing is both a place name and a spring name. It is located at the northwest foot of the Xiwengjiashan Mountains in the West Lake, where Longjing Village is now located. About 500 meters away from Longjing, there is a place in the Louhuiwu where there is a Longjing Temple, that is, the place where the discerning monks grow tea, Longjing tea from here began to spread to the surrounding area. The word “Longjing” is not only the name of tea, but also the name of tea tree species. It is also the name of village, well and temple.

longjing tea

Xihu Longjing tea, has very flat appearance, green color, the endophytic flavor alcohol, if brewing in the cup, the bud leaves color is green. It is called “color green, fragrant, sweet, beautiful shape”.

Spring tea in the special West Lake Longjing, Zhejiang Longjing appearance is flat and smoth, tea buds are pointed cutting, bud is longer than the leaves, green color, body surface without hair; Soup green color (yellow) bright; fragrant or tender chestnut incense ; Taste fresh or thick alcohol; green leaves at the end, yet intact. The remaining levels of Longjing tea is with decline of the level, the shape and the color is from fresh green → green → green chlorophyll, tea body is from small to large, smooth tea from rough to rough; scent from tender cool to thick, four began to have a coarse taste of tea; Leaves by the shoot turned to the folder leaves, the color from bright yellow → green → yellow brown. Summer and autumn Longjing tea, has dark green color, larger body, body surface is hairless, yellow soup, with fragrance but more rough, taste astringent, yellow leaves, the overall quality is worse than the same level of spring tea.