About Keemun Black Tea

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Keemun black tea (祁门红茶) referred to as Keemun, tea raw materials are produced with the local mid-leaf, the Mesophyll tea “Goblet species” (also known as Keimen species), is a famous Chinese tea, the famous black tea boutique. It is created by Anhui tea farmers in the Guangxu years, but the earliest records of history can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty Lu Yu’s Chahua. It is produced in Qimen, Anhui Province, east, Guichi (now Chizhou), Shitai, Pixian, and Jiangxi Fuliang area. “Keemun black tea is the best black tea, renowned, is the British Queen and the royal favorite drink, high-Hong reputation, fragrant name far-sighted,” “Queen of tea”.

keemun tea

Keemun black tea producing areas, has superior natural conditions, many mountainous forests, more warm and humid, deep soil, rainfall, more cloud, is suitable for the growth of tea trees, combined with the main varieties of local tea – rich leaves of rich species content, High enzyme activity, it is suitable for the manufacture of black tea.

Keemun black tea extraction process is fine, picking a bud two, three leaf bud leaves as raw material, after withering, rolling, fermentation, the bud leaves turn from green to red copper, aroma penetration, and then simmer roast to dry. After made of red-haired tea, it is also necessary to carry out the process of refining, which takes a lot of time and labor.It is made of  the hair sieve, shaking screen, sub-screen, close door, fine screen, cut off, wind selection, picking tick, put in boxes.

Keemun Black Tea,the shape is cord tight knot small as eyebrow, the luster is Ukraine; tea aroma lasting fragrance, like fruit orchid fragrance, the aroma has this special name “Qimen fragrant” in the international tea market; tea soup color and leaf color is red and bright, the taste is fresh and thick, and even drink with milk and the sweet sugar, the aroma is not only reduced, but more fragrant.