What is the Fenghuang Dancong?

Last Updated On October 28, 2018

Fenghuang Dancong, is one of the varieties of oolong tea, oolong tea belongs to the Guangdong oolong tea, is semi-fermented tea, is one of the six major national tea. Phoenix alone fir has more than 900 years of production history, goes back to ancient times, has far reputation. Main origin of Phoenix daffodils Chaozhou is one of China’s three major Oolong tea producing areas. It is China’s tea varieties of the highest natural floral flowers, the most diverse types of flowers, sweet and mellow taste, unique flavor of rare high-flavor tea varieties of resources.

Fenghuang Dancong

Feng huang Dan cong originates in Fenghuang mountain area of Chaoan County, Guangdong province. Legend has it that in the late Southern Song Dynasty, Song Emperor ZhaoBing went to Chaoshan, when went through Phoenix Mountain Road Wu Dongshan,feel very thirsty, the attendants pick a beak like tip leaves to be cooked, drink cough fluid, make a great stand. Since then, it has been planted for more than 900 years.

The vegetation in the Phoenix area is diversified and the scenery is beautiful. The greening rate is 96.4% and the forest coverage rate is 85.1%. The strong green backing effectively maintains the water and soil, conserves the water source, regulates the climate, purifies the air, and maintains the natural ecological balance of the Phoenix Mountain. Foundation stone. The unique quality of Phoenix single-cluster tea is closely related to its ecological environment, not only related to season, climate, temperature and humidity, water quality, but also closely related to altitude and soil conditions.

Feng huang Dan cong has a unique natural floral, clear yellow soup color, bowl was gold ring, taste is fresh and cool, leafy uniform, green leaves inlaid red edge. The method of making tea is also very particular, with a small and exquisite Yixing small purple teapot, with “deep treasure” small porcelain cup of tea,more tea less water less time. First brewing and smelling its fragrance; second brewing and tasting; third brewing and drinking their soup. After drinking, it can help to release an exaggerated manners and have pleasure. It is selling in Thailand; Singapore and other countries.