About Chinese Pu-erh Tea

Last Updated On September 06, 2018

Pu-erh Tea use the broad-leaved sun drying tea in Yunnan based on the geographical indications as raw material, is made by using a specific processing technology within the scope of the protection of geographical indications,tea with unique characteristics, according to its processing technology and quality characteristics, divided into Pu’er tea (raw tea) and Pu’er tea (cooked tea) two types. Pu’er raw tea is not fermented Pu’er tea, Pu’er tea is the result of artificial Ottawa fermented Pu’er tea. Pu’er raw tea can be stored for hundreds of years, while Pu’er cooked tea is not that long. The old tea often referred in the market are generally refers to the raw tea. Because of the long storage of raw tea, tea will turn red. The cooked tea is reddish-brown, raw tea is lighter, yellow-green (except old raw tea). Cooked tea tastes mellow and gentle, not so bitter like raw tea.

Pu-erh Tea

The scope of geographical indications protection in the origin of Pu’er tea is mainly Yunnan Province in southwestern of China, including:Menghai tea area in Xishuangbanna and Yiwu tea area; Xiaguan tea area, Pu’er City, Lincang city, Baoshan city and other areas.Integrated the quality of Pu’er tea production history so far, excellent raw materials is the first in Xishuangbanna city.

In addition to loose tea, common shapes of Pu’er Tea are brick-shaped, cake-shaped, but also column tea, gourd tea and other shapes.