About Chinese Oolong Tea Kinds

Last Updated On October 26, 2018

Chinese Oolong Tea,semi-fermented tea and whole fermented tea, has many varieties and is one of the few Chinese tea varieties with distinctive Chinese characteristics. Oolong tea is made after picking, withering, shaking green, fried green, rolling, baking and other processes produced after the outstanding quality of tea. Oolong tea tribute from the Song Dynasty Dragon Tea, Phoenix cake evolved, created in 1725 (Qing Emperor Yongzheng years) before and after. Taste after cheek fragrant, sweet aftertaste. Oolong tea’s pharmacological effects, highlighting the performance in the decomposition of fat, weight loss and bodybuilding and so on. In Japan it is called “Beauty Tea” and “Body Beauty Tea”.

Oolong Tea

Among the six major teas, the production of oolong tea is not the highest, but it is the most varied and rich tea. This is because oolong tea is semi-fermented tea, the fermentation range is between 15% and 50%, and the span is very large. As long as the weight of the fermentation is slightly changed, a distinct flavor can appear.

1, Classified by origin

Southern Fujian Oolong Tea
The Anxi Tieguanyin, which is popular throughout the north and south of the Yangtze River, is the representative of the southern Wulong of Fujian. “Tieguanyin” is both a tea name and a tea tree variety name, and is famous for its orchid fragrance and Guanyin rhyme.

In addition to Tieguanyin, there are also oolong tea made from trees such as Huangjingui, Benshan and Maoxie in southern Fujian.

Northern Fujian Oolong Tea
Wulong rock tea is the main source in northern Fujian. Wuyishan’s unique Danxia landform and excellent mountain environment make the rock tea have a rock bone fragrance different from any other oolong tea. In addition, the rock tea is known for its firepower, and the Wuyishan tea-makers have mastered the firepower and reached a state of perfection. It can be said that there is no roasting or rock tea.

Among the rock teas, Dahongpao, Rougui, and Narcissus are the most famous.

Guangdong Oolong Tea
Guangdong Oolong is dominated by single clumps, the most famous one is the phoenix dancong, in addition to Lingtou single clump, Shiguping oolong and so on.

The phoenix dancong variety has a wide variety of flavors, and it is known for its high fragrance. It is long and sweet, and everyone who has been drunk is convinced.

Taiwan Oolong Tea
Taiwan’s oolong tea was introduced to Taiwan from Fujian in the Qing Dynasty. It was widely planted in Taiwan and evolved into a very large number of flower samples. Among them, alpine tea is the most famous, and alpine teas such as Alishan, Shanlinxi, Daguling and Lishan are among the best.

The altitude of alpine tea is between 1000 and 3000. The mountain has low temperature, high humidity and good environment. The oolong tea produced has a gentle mountain flavor.

2, According to the shape divided

Strip-shaped oolong tea
Common species include Wenshan Baozhong, Wuyi Rock Tea, and Phoenix Single Bush.

Granular oolong tea
Common are Tieguanyin, frozen top oolong and so on.

Bundle of oolong tea
The octagonal pavilion is a bundle of tea.

Bulk type oolong tea
Zhangping shuixian is the only pressed tea in oolong tea.

3, according to the degree of fermentation

Light fermentation oolong tea (10%-25%)
The lightly fermented oolong tea is represented by Wenshan baozhong tea and fragrant Tieguanyin. The fermentation degree of Wenshanbao tea is the lightest in oolong tea, about 10%, and the baking fire is lighter. It is closer to green tea, dry tea green, soup green, green leaf bottom, aroma, and taste, in oolong tea. Don’t make a difference.

Moderate fermentation oolong tea (25%-40%)
The fermentation degree of the “rich flavor” oolong tea produced by the traditional process is moderately fermented, mainly representing traditional Tieguanyin, Wuyiyan tea, Weibei narcissus and Guangdong phoenix single cluster. The fermented oolong tea is brown, with a strong aroma and a deep taste.

Heavy fermentation oolong tea (about 50%)
Heavy-fermented oolong tea, non-white oolong tea is none other than. Bai Wu Oolong is also called Oriental Beauty. It is a unique tea in Taiwan. It is the most fermented tea in Oolong tea. The general fermentation degree is 50%. Oriental beauty soup is amber, with honey or ripe fruit, sweet and mellow, similar to the style of black tea.

There are more than 80 kinds of aroma substances in the fresh leaves of tea trees. There are more than 200 kinds of green tea, and there are more than 400 kinds of black tea. More oolong tea is made.

Oolong tea is first fragrant, but it does not flow on the surface. Although the tea fragrance is scattered in the air, after the tea soup is in the mouth, it can still feel the aroma with the tea soup in the mouth, leaving a deep and long-lasting charm, which is the connotation and style of the oolong tea.