Tea is a cancer buster!

Tea is a cancer buster

Tea is a cancer buster!

Many people know that tea can prevent cancer. The main component of tea polyphenols, EGCG, is almost a “buster” of many cancers, especially for uterine cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, and breast. Cancer has unique effects. Through the following historical experiments, we can know that tea is the nemesis of cancer!

1, in August 1945, several years after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, the Japan-related statistics department found that cancer disease is low and tea farmers crowd into a transvestite majority.

2, the longevity survey of centenarians found that 40% of the elderly longevity is a life-long tea-like life, 80% of the elderly have tea drinking habits.

3, anti-oxidation test confirmed that a cup of tea, 300 ml, its antioxidant function is equivalent to a bottle of semi-red wine, equivalent to 12 bottles of white wine, equivalent to 12 glasses of beer, equivalent to 4 apples, equivalent to 5 onions , equivalent to 7 cups of fresh orange juice.

4, According to the results of Japanese researchers, the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols is 18 times stronger than that of vitamin E.

Tea is a cancer buster

5, British and American scientists in the “allergy and clinical immunology” magazine report that the polyphenolic compound EGCG in tea can effectively prevent the spread of HIV in the human body, once immunized, the HIV will have no chance to get close.

6, more than 4,000 authoritative departments published “tea anti-cancer” monographs prove that the main component of tea polyphenols EGCG is still the nemesis of almost all cancers, especially for uterine cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer , kidney cancer, breast cancer, etc. have a unique effect. At the same time, the study found that tea and cancer drugs will improve the efficacy of drugs.

7, In 1999, the Japanese government launched a two-stage plan to “drink tea to prevent cancer for all”. A total of 8522 people were investigated and tracked for 10 years. Among them, 419 cancer patients, women who have tea drinking habits have a late cancer time than those who do not drink tea. In 7 years, the male delay time is 3.2 years.

8, data from the National Cancer Center, Case Western Reserve University, Australia, Curtin University of Science and Technology, etc., published on the “tea and prostate cancer disease research” shows that men who drink tea often have a lower incidence than those who do not drink often. Reduced by more than 60%.

9, Researchers at the National University of Singapore lasted 12 years and conducted a follow-up survey of 63,257 Chinese people aged 45 to 75. It was found that the probability of developing Parkinson’s disease in the elderly who regularly drink white tea was reduced by 71% compared with those who did not have tea drinking habits.

10, Researchers at Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Japan found that 1,300 diabetic patients drink cold-blown tea for six months, and 82% of diabetic patients have significantly reduced symptoms. About 9% of diabetic patients have completely returned to normal blood sugar levels.

11, do not need any diet, exercise and other means, drink 8-10 grams of tea a day, within 12 weeks, only the loss of fat by the tea itself is about 3 pounds. Among all the weight loss products in Japan, Europe and the United States, tea products ranked first.

12, The medical research team of the Showa University in Japan put 10,000 highly virulent E. coli 0-157 in 1 ml of tea polyphenol solution diluted to one-twentieth of ordinary tea. After five hours, all the bacteria died. One is not left.

13, almost all diseases of the human body are produced in the body of acidic body, and almost all viruses can not survive in the weak alkaline body. Experts say that only by changing their physical condition can disease be prevented. Strong alkaline foods commonly found in life are tea, grapes, kelp, and the like.

14, drinking tea will make you inexplicably happy. The amino acids in tea promote the secretion of dopamine, and dopamine is the substance that dominates the body’s emotions and pleasures. The pleasure of drinking tea is involuntary and uncontrollable.

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