Tea, a journey of leaves

a journey of leaves

Tea, a journey of leaves

I am a leaf,
A leaf that grows on a tea tree.

I don’t know how I came to this world,
Just remember
When I opened my eyes for a second,
The breeze whispers in my ear,
The sound of the insects is telling the beauty of spring.

all of a sudden,
I just like everything in front of me.

1. I am a mountain leaf

Do you mind having one more friend?
I don’t have a beautiful appearance.
I don’t understand the deep romance of coffee.
But I am born with a heart that understands you.
The world calls this subtlety “the heart has a spirit.”

Tea said, I have a scent of fragrance, warmth,
I am willing to shield you from the red dust and the world.
Then are you willing to marry this good,
With me, stealing half a day of leisure in alive?

You ask: “Who are you?”
Tea said: “I am a leaf that grows in the mountains.”
Also want to read your tea.

2, waiting for picking, is my must-go process

How many stories can happen in a year?
Your salary has doubled and you talked about a love.
I met a few friends and watched a few good movies.
And I am only used to wait.

Mountain springs for drinking, Qingshan companionship,
Seeing that the clouds are floating, the sun rises and sinks.
In the static grinding of time, I am waiting for maturity.
Also wait for the one who takes me off and takes it to your world.

Before I wait, I am a piece of tea;
After Nirvana, I can only call it “tea.”
Become the tea that knows you the most.

3, I look forward to, after the transformation of myself

Leaving the tree, with natural nutrients,
Picking, spreading cold, withering, killing, smashing…
The hands of the tea people made me,
Make me a real “tea.”

In the sun, I washed the lead and faded.
The raging fire, curly body, but contains the Fanghua.
The rigorous ancient method of making tea is the process of phoenix nirvana.

The moment I came out with tea, it was the beginning of my trip.
I was wrapped in layers and was taken to the road by the unknown.
On the road, I and my companions from all over the world,
Being implicated in a certain belief, going to the same destination.

The starting point of travel,
It was once a calm mountain and green green;
Unknown end point,
Will it be 80°c of water, with surprises for you?

I look forward to meeting you.

a journey of leaves

4, Meet

The day when you meet you, the sun is gentle.
I sigh that fate does not bear me,
In the world, is this kind of encounter called “fate”?

Starting from the warm cup,
Every step of brewing is full of ritual.
Suitable tea amount, suitable water temperature,
Because of your preference,
It changes in the taste or is thick or shallow.
Even with fresh milk, flowers and fruits,
In the plain tea cup, the interpretation is colorful.

I am in the water, light Schumann dance,
I used my life to turn into a cup of tea for you to drink.
There is also a fragrance and elegance in the world.
Bring you a moment of joy.
Have a cup of tea and let me listen.

Because of your appreciation,
I ushered in the most embarrassing bloom in my life.

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