High Mountain Tea

Chinese Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea

Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea:Taiwan high mountain tea refers to hemispherical pouchong tea which produced in tea garden located above more than 1000 meters sea level where alpine climate is cold, there are a lot of clouds in the morning and night, the average time of sunshine is short, caused bitter components such as tea catechins decreases, sweet compound such as theanine, and soluble nitrogen increased and the tea leaf is soft, mesophyll is thickness with high colloid content of pectin. The color is fresh and green, it tastes mellow, soft, thick, with elegant aroma, green color and yellow, was resistant to brew.

Taiwan Alishan Tea:Alishan high mountain tea grown in Ali mountain which is 1400 meters high in Taiwan. The climate of Ali Mountain is cold, there are a lot of clouds in the morning and night, the average time of sunshine is short, reduced tea shoots bitter components, and improved the sweet taste of tea. At the same time, because of the big temperature difference between day and night, tea tree grows slow, tea shoots are soft, thick mesophyll, pectin content is higher. Alishan tea is tender tea leaf, they are 100% hand harvested, coupled with the unique baked tea, the appearance is emerald green hemispherical tea with green color, it tastes sweet with high mountain tea unique fragrance.

Taiwan Dongding Oolong Tea:Dongding mountain oolong tea, the origin is Dongding mountain, Deer Valley, in Taiwan. Dongding mountain Oolong Tea is refreshing and pleasant, the color of tea water is golden with green, the aroma is fresh and elegant, and tastes sweet and lasting with unique aroma, it is said to be best shower water which can be used for the emperor Bath. Dongding mountain, near Deer Valley in Taiwan, with much fog and steep road, so when they go up the mountain to pick tea-leaves, they would be tiptoe, to avoid sliding down.