Shenzhen Autumn Tea Expo opens

2018 Tea Expo

Shenzhen Autumn Tea Expo opens

2018 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair
Today, the grand opening of the exhibition center!

After ten years of development
The scale and influence of the Shenzhen Tea Fair has not been the same
86,000 square meters
4300 standard booths
More than 1,700 companies

At the exhibition
Beautiful beauty tea
Tea Space Design Competition
Qushui Liuchao Tea Shuya Collection
a series of exciting activities
Let us take a look!

Fine tea set

Fine tea set
Fine tea set

Tea art

Point tea
Point tea

Point tea is the fighting tea method that was popular in the Song Dynasty of China. The so-called tea is to grind the cake tea into a powder after the tea, and then use the sieve to sieve out the finest tea powder into the tea pot, which is washed with boiling water, and then quickly hit with tea. The tea and water are fully blended and a large amount of white tea foam appears in the tea. In the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Shi’s “Send Nanping Qianshi” poem: “The Taoist people know Nanping Mountain, to test the tea three hands”, and the “three-handed hand” refers to Gaoming’s tea maker. The current Japanese tea ceremony still retains the tea method, which is caused by the influence of Chinese tea culture.

Pressed tea
Pressed tea

Pressing tea is the process of Pu’er tea from loose tea (wool) to tea cake (pressing tea). In recent years, Yunnan Pu’er Tea has a strong market momentum. It uses large-leaf varieties of sun-dried green tea. After steaming and softening, it is made of cloth, tea, crushed and dried, which is what we see on the market. Cake tea.

Exhibition area

Exhibition hall

There are 9 pavilions in the exhibition area, namely, Hall 1: National Teahouse; Hall 2: Government Pavilion/National Teahouse; Hall 6: Fuding White Tea/Old Tea Culture Hall; Hall 7: Zisha Art Museum Hall 8: Teaware Crafts Hall; Hall 9: Tea and Life Aesthetics Museum. The exhibition will last for 12 to 17 days!
The Shenzhen Tea Expo, hosted by Huajuchen, is exactly ten years old this year. From the initial 280 booths, it has achieved 4,300 booths, achieving a leap-forward development.

The market in Shenzhen attracts more and more tea companies to participate in the exhibition. At this exhibition, nearly 20 local government organizations such as Fujian Fuding Exhibition Group, Fu’an, Wuyishan, Yunnan Pu’er, Guizhou Zunyi, etc., bring well-known local enterprises and quality. The product was unveiled at the show.

The international influence of Shenzhen Tea Fair is increasing day by day. This year’s exhibition has gathered brand tea companies from more than ten countries and regions such as Sri Lanka, India, Japan and South Korea. It also attracted professional purchases from Britain, France, Belgium and other countries. Business. The Tea Fair is a grand cultural carnival.

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