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Anxi Tieguanyin autumn tea “late”, or up 30%

After the National Day, Anxi Tieguanyin Autumn Tea began to be listed. As one of the important tea markets in the province, the Fuzhou tea market has quietly launched Tieguanyin autumn tea. Compared with last year, this year, Anxi Tieguanyin autumn tea was postponed for one week, and the price may rise by 30%. “This year’s weather is relatively cold, so the time for the listing of autumn tea is a week later than that of previous years.” Anxi County [...]

Tea picking

Anxi County enters the peak period of picking tea

After the autumn rain, Anxi Tieguanyin is about to enter the best season for autumn tea picking. Due to the short sunshine in the autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and there are many clouds. Therefore, autumn tea has become the top grade of Tieguanyin in one year, with color, fragrance, taste and shape. Anxi feels the Tieguanyin tea mountain, the farmers are busy picking tea: At present, these days are the autumn tea picking and [...]

Masters Competition

Anxi Tieguanyin Masters Competition

On the 14th, the second Anxi Tieguanyin Masters Tea Competition was held in the multi-function hall on the third floor of China’s Chadu, and 58 Anxi Tieguanyin Masters rematch contestants competed. At the tea evaluation site, 58 tea review tables were arranged neatly, and the lids, tea bowls, tea samples, and balances were lined up. According to the rules of the competition, the players need to distinguish 16 tea samples within 90 minutes, including 5 tea identification, 9 variety identification [...]