Fenghuang Dancong

Chinese Fenghuang Dancong Tea

Dancong Tea (单枞茶, dān cōng chá), is one of the varieties of oolong tea, oolong tea belongs to the Guangdong oolong tea, is semi-fermented tea, is one of the six major national tea. Phoenix Dancong fir has more than 900 years of production history, goes back to ancient times, has far reputation. Main origin of Phoenix daffodils Chaozhou is one of China's three major Oolong tea producing areas. It is China's tea varieties of the highest natural floral flowers, the most diverse types of flowers, sweet and mellow taste, unique flavor of rare high-flavor tea varieties of resources.

Authentic Fenghuang Dancong

Fenghuang Dancong has a unique natural floral, clear yellow soup color, bowl was gold ring, taste is fresh and cool, leafy uniform, green leaves inlaid red edge. The method of making tea is also very particular, with a small and exquisite Yixing small purple teapot, with "deep treasure" small porcelain cup of tea,more tea less water less time. First brewing and smelling its fragrance; second brewing and tasting; third brewing and drinking their soup. After drinking, it can help to release an exaggerated manners and have pleasure.

  • From the shape of the tea point of view, the Phoenix daffodil leaves are larger, oval-shaped, tight knot. Upright hypertrophy, foliage flat, sharp tip more apical sag like bird's beak, so it is called "beak tea" in the local.
  • From the bottom of the leaves, the bottom of the Phoenix Daffodil leaves is uniform, thick and soft, with a red envelope edge, yellow belly bright. Leaf teeth is blunt.
  • From the soup color and taste point of view, the Phoenix daffodils finished tea is orange, clear and bright, the inner wall of the bowl is covered with a gold ring; made of black tea, soup color is red and moist, in addition, Phoenix daffodils tastes thick sweet, fresh and smooth with fragrant aroma.

Phoenix Dacong originates in Fenghuang mountain area of Chaoan County, Guangdong province. Legend has it that in the late Southern Song Dynasty, Song Emperor ZhaoBing went to Chaoshan, when went through Phoenix Mountain Road Wu Dongshan,feel very thirsty, the attendants pick a beak like tip leaves to be cooked, drink cough fluid, make a great stand. Since then, it has been planted for more than 900 years.