Note! Not all tea can be placed in the refrigerator…

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Note! Not all tea can be placed in the refrigerator…

Friends who usually drink tea, the family will have a lot of tea, many friends will put the tea in the refrigerator, and even buy a small refrigerator to store tea.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Whether tea is placed in the refrigerator or not, it must be treated differently.

Suitable for tea stored in the refrigerator

Green tea, fragrant oolong tea and dehumidifying tea. Among the six major teas, green tea is the most susceptible to deterioration. When it is preserved, it requires extra attention. The tea can be sealed in a tea can and sealed in a sealed bag. In addition, the fragrant Tieguanyin and the fire in the oolong tea Wet tea can be stored in the refrigerator.

Green tea, fragrant oolong tea and dehumidified tea are suitable for refrigerators.

Longjing Storage tea

Not suitable for tea stored in the refrigerator
Black tea, Pu’er tea and white tea are naturally due to the later transformation, especially Pu’er tea is paying attention to the drinking value reflected by the late Chenhua.

Putting these two types of tea in the refrigerator, in addition to the above-mentioned problems of moisture, in the low temperature environment of the refrigerator, the activity of biological enzymes in the tea will also decrease, thereby affecting the efficiency of tea conversion.

Pu'er tea Storage

Tea leaves stored in the refrigerator as the case may be
It has been studied that the surface temperature has a great influence on the storage quality of red broken tea. The tea is stored for one year at a lower temperature (0-5 °C), the quality composition changes little, and the moisture only increases by 2.11%; while the tea treated at room temperature, After one year of storage, the reduction of theaflavin content was 18 times higher than that of low temperature treatment, while the increase of theaflavin was 2.76 times higher. This makes the tea stored at low temperature still fresh and rich, while the tea stored at room temperature is browned and the fragrance becomes dull.

Therefore, since black tea is a fully fermented tea, it is allowed to be stored at room temperature in most cases, and has little effect on the quality of tea.

Some black teas with higher quality and finer raw materials (such as Jinjunmei) usually have higher levels of theaflavins. In the case of sealing, they can be stored in the low temperature environment of the refrigerator for a certain period of time. This will help slow down the browning speed of black tea.

Precautions for storing tea in the refrigerator
In the family, if it is not a refrigerator specially used for storing tea, it will usually put some other food, and the tea is extremely easy to absorb, so when storing, be sure to wrap the tea.

If it is a loose tea, it is recommended to put the tea into a clean, tasteless sealed bag and tea can, and then put it in the refrigerator. If it is non-loose tea, it is recommended to check whether the sealing of the tea packaging is good, and then put a clean sealed bag, so that the tea can be mixed with the taste of other things.

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