What is the use of the fair (gongdao) cup?

Last Updated On September 22, 2018

What is the use of the fair (gongdao) cup?

The fair cup is also called tea sea and tea pot. The fair cup is used to hold the soaked tea soup, which plays the role of neutralizing and even tea soup. No matter what kind of tea, the fair cup is almost indispensable. The most common textures of the fair cups are purple sand, ceramics, and glass. Most of them have handles and handles, and a few have filters.

fair cup

If you choose a fair cup of purple sand texture, pay attention to choose the white glaze inside, so that you can more clearly appreciate the color of the tea soup. There are many types of porcelain fair cups, and there is a lot of room for selection. Many people are more and more fond of using the glass of the fair cup, mainly because they can clearly and accurately see the color of the tea soup. The fairness of the choice of texture is mainly based on personal preference, and should be matched with pots, cups and other tea sets when using.

When purchasing a fair cup, pay attention to whether it is neat when flowing water, and it should be able to stop when it is poured.