The story of Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong

Last Updated On November 19, 2018

Accidental Emerge
In Tongmuguan, there is such a story about zhengshan xiaozhong:
In the middle and late period of the Ming Dynasty (one is 1568, the second year of the Ming Dynasty), it was the busy tea season. An army entered Fujian from Jiangxi, transited to Xingcun, and was stationed in today’s Tongmuguan. . Because the social situation at that time was turbulent, and Tongmu was in the throat of the shackles, so the army entered.
On that day, the local tea farmers who were in troubled times gave up their normal tea activities. In order to avoid the military disaster, they fled to the mountains. Because of the lack of processing conditions in the mountains, the tea greens picked on the day did not have time to process.
The next day, the army went away. The tea farmers turned back home and prepared to make tea; but the tea green picked in the first day was placed in the evening, and the redness of the withering and fermenting was not new enough. In order to recover the economic losses, the tea farmers warmed up the masson pines that were usually cooked by fire, and added some other procedures to maximize the quality of the tea.
As a result, these teas made in a hurry have a very unique flavor, both rich in fluffy flavor and dried in the longan. When it was shipped to the town for sale, the tea shop smelled a product and it was very popular. This unintentionally made tea is the prototype of zhengshan xiaozhong black tea.
This new tea, in the process of being gradually accepted and sought after by people, finally won the name of “Zhengshan Race”. Zhengshan, meaning the inner mountain, only the tea produced by the traditional crafts produced in the Wuyishan Nature Reserve can maintain the original zhengshan xiaozhong’s connotation and taste.
Because tea lovers love, the order of zhengshan xiaozhong black tea has increased year by year; as the process continues to improve, the taste and aroma have gradually matured. In the hundreds of years since then, the entire tea farmer in Tongmuguan has been producing this kind of tea to make it satisfy the market demand. This has made the small Tongmu Village famous and even spread to the other side of the earth.

Conquer the world

At the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century (circa 1604), the zhengshan xiaozhong black tea of ​​Tongmuguan, Wuyishan, Fujian, China, was spread overseas, and was brought to Europe by the merchants of the sea tyrants of the time, and was loved by the local upper class. However, because the sea transportation is far away, the small species that can be supplied in the overseas market at that time are extremely rare, and only a few upper-class people can afford it.

Princess Catherine and zhengshan xiaozhong

After the rise of the maritime power is Portugal, because of the political game needs, Princess Catherine of Portugal married the British King Charles II, she not only brought the gold and silver treasures, but also brought the zheng shan xiao zhong black tea from China. This magical oriental leaf swept the British royal family and even the whole of Europe, and set off a “afternoon tea” style that has been passed down to the present.
The traditional zheng shan xiao zhong black tea has a unique color and fragrance. The soup is red and bright, and has a natural flavor of pine smoke and a sense of longan soup. This is its biggest feature. Because it is produced in the original forest, wild collection, traditional craftsmanship, unique drinking experience, long-term drinking, health care, has been widely loved by European and American consumers.
Since then, zheng shan xiao zhong black tea has become a symbol of Chinese black tea in European history, and black tea has gradually become a world-wide tea drink.
In the history of tea, the most glorious era of zheng shan xiao zhong black tea was in the middle of the Qing Dynasty. According to historical records, in the early period of Qing Jiaqing, 85% of the black tea exported by China was named in the name of zheng shan xiao zhong black tea. After the Opium War, the contribution of zhengshan xiao zhong black tea to the trade surplus was still significant.
While zheng shan xiao zhong black tea enjoys a good reputation overseas, Ningde in Fujian and Tuen Mun in Anhui also began to learn the cultivation and processing technology of zheng shan xiao zhong black tea. The processing technology of black tea was gradually introduced into the major tea areas in China and eventually formed. Now known as the national black tea.

The famous 17th century British poet Byron wrote in his long poem “Tang Yu”: I feel that my heart has become so sympathetic / I must go to Wuyi’s black tea / alcohol but it is so harmful / Because tea and coffee make us more serious!