Fenghuang Dancong

What is the Fenghuang Dancong?

Fenghuang Dancong, is one of the varieties of oolong tea, oolong tea belongs to the Guangdong oolong tea, is semi-fermented tea, is one of the six major national tea. Phoenix alone fir has more than 900 years of production history, goes back to ancient times, has far reputation. Main origin of Phoenix daffodils Chaozhou is one of China’s three major Oolong tea producing areas. It is China’s tea varieties of the highest natural floral flowers, the most diverse types [...]


How to distinguish Fenghuang Dancong good or bad

From the shape of the tea point of view, the Fenghuang Dancong leaves are larger, oval-shaped, tight knot. Upright hypertrophy, foliage flat, sharp tip more apical sag like bird’s beak, so it is called “beak tea” in the local. From the bottom of the leaves, the bottom of the Fenghuang Dancong leaves is uniform, thick and soft, with a red envelope edge, yellow belly bright. Leaf teeth is blunt. From the soup color and taste point of view, the Fenghuang Dancong [...]