Da Hong Pao

About Wuyi Da Hong Pao Tea

Da Hong Pao, produced in Fujian Wuyishan, is an oolong tea with excellent quality. It is Chinese special tea. Its shape and appearance is tight, color is fresh green and brown, brewed soup bright yellow orange, red and green leaves. The most prominent quality is the fragrance of orchid is fragrant and lasting with obvious “rock charm”. In addition to refreshing, fatigue, diarrhea, antipyretic, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, antidote, detoxification disease prevention, digestion and tired to lose weight, bodybuilding and other [...]


What is the effect of Dahongpao?

Dahongpao is the most famous tea tree in Wuyishan. It is known as the “King of Tea” and grows on a steep rock wall in Kowloon. On the cliff where the tea tree is located, there is a long and narrow rock raft, and the rock top is filled with spring water all the year round. The spring water is attached with organic matter such as moss, so the soil is moist and fertile compared to it. The rock [...]


How to brew Dahongpao?

We are very familiar with Dahongpao, but many people are still relatively unfamiliar with how to brew Dahongpao. Today, let’s talk about how to make a pot of Dahongpao. As the saying goes, “three-point tea seven-point bubble”, Dahongpai is the most bogey of brewing with green tea and flower tea. The best way is to use the “working tea” brewing method. The first is to prepare a set of tea sets, you can use white porcelain to cover the bowl, [...]